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Jed thanks them and ends the meeting. He keeps C.J. back and says, "These negotiations are the real thing. I can't allow this defection. I know you disagree, but that's my decision." C.J.: "Thank you, sir." She quickly adds, "It's not that I disagree. I'm disappointed." She leaves. I don't think that's what Jed was expecting to hear. Leo says they'll get someone from State to tell Jai Yung Ahn. Jed insists on doing it himself. He asks Leo if C.J.'s okay. Leo quietly says, "I don't know."

Josh's next stop is the First Lady's office, where Amy is, of course. My theory now is that they're not planning to write Mary-Louise Parker's pregnancy into the script, and the lack of lighting just makes it that much easier to camouflage. Of course, that doesn't explain the lumen shortage of the last couple of seasons. (Hey, I didn't say it was a good theory.) Down the hall behind Amy is a large, black and white photograph of, I believe, Harriet Tubman. Cool. Amy seems a little surprised to see Josh, but just waits for him to tell her what's bothering him. Josh admits that Thiele kicked his ass -- and in front of "Richie Rich," too. Amy: "The Pierce kid?" Why is that line necessary? Another question: what's with all the cleavage on Amy? I mean, I understand the actor's pregnant. I'm entirely unconvinced that the Chief of Staff to FLOTUS would dress to show it off. Pretty soon we won't be able to tell her apart from Karen on Will and Grace. Amy assures Josh, "The Republic will stand." Josh says he's going to leak it that Thiele wanted the job and his vote is just a fit of pique: "He's really going to look like a crackpot." Amy smirks: "God...don't ever get mad at me." Josh says he's been mad at her. Amy: "That's why it's better when we don't talk." I'm really unsure whether to root for that, or not. Josh starts to leave and Amy says, "Come by tonight. We can not talk some more." He turns and smiles and she gives him a big grin.

Toby's in Will's office, throwing his ball against the wall as Will types away. Will reads, "'It's with abundant pleasure and pride...'" Toby: "'Surpassing.' More altitude." Ginger comes to the door to complain that the prompter guys needed the disk a half-hour ago. Toby tells her to go away. Whatever happened to Bonnie? Will: "It's with surpassing pleasure and pride,' blah blah blah, 'Robert Russell,' blah blah, 'confirmed by overwhelming vote as befits this distinguished choice.'" Toby: "'Distinguished.'" Will asks if he wants to re-use "surpassing." Toby suggests: "'Eminent'...'illustrious'...the problem being he's none of those things." Will: "This is my problem." Toby: "Nor is he 'estimable,' 'laudable,' or someone you'd walk across the room to shake hands with." Will repeats that the President wants altitude. Maybe the President should get on Air Force One. Or smoke some crack. Or both. Toby: "'...as befits this vertiginous choice.'" Okay, Frink and I both cracked up over that.

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