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Toby and Will leave the Rose Garden and Will says, "I'm gonna get fired." Well, that is a pretty dumb-ass move. So dumb-ass that it's completely and utterly implausible. Toby says that nobody's getting fired. Will says he's the new guy and that they'll make an example of his: "Put my head on a pike on the South Lawn." Toby insists that he won't get fired. They go into Toby's office and there's "Bingo" Bob behind them, for the inevitable confrontation, in which he makes it clear just how incredibly aware he is of his public image, in addition to the fact that he's all on board about doing something about that. He stands at the door and says, "Gentlemen." Toby sighs and they both look sheepish. Toby begins apologizing and VPOTUS Lumbergh says, "Yeah, I'm gonna need you to go forward with a copy of that speech...." Actually, he just asks for a copy. Toby, surprised, says there are no copies: "We've shredded...." Will: "Wiped hard drives...we're considering putting out our own eyes." VPOTUS says, in a fairly humourless way, "Find one. Send it to my office. I thought it was hilarious." Toby smiles, confused: "Hilarious, sir?" VPOTUS: "I know my public profile, my political persona. I'm just glad to see there's such a keen awareness of the scale of the job you've all got ahead of you. I'm part of the team now, which makes this all pretty much your problem. Good luck with it." He leaves them there, dumsquizzled.

Josh is walking along with Swimtern, bragging about getting Thiele on board, and advocating a hard-ass approach. Swimtern says that's not really his style: "I'm more the get-more-bees-with-honey type." Bees? Don't you get flies with honey? Amy flounces through, walking between them with a big file folder to conceal her abdomen. I notice she seems to be wearing something with big shoulder pads in it, I suppose to try to make her look more balanced -- not that that ever, ever works. Take it from a narrow-shouldered, wide-hipped girl who lived through the '80s. Josh stares after her and Swimtern asks, "So what's the deal there? Boyfriend/girlfriend, friends with 'privileges'?" Josh isn't really listening; he's distracted by the trail of Amy. Josh looks at him and asks, "What?" in a really distracted way. Swimtern says, "Something's going on."

Jed (in a tux) and Charlie (in a suit) are in the Residence kitchen. Love this kitchen. Jed takes some juice out of the fridge as he asks, "You like Chopin, Charlie?" Charlie replies, "If I say I've never heard any, am I gonna get a life history of the guy and a shopping list?" Shouldn't that be Chopin Liszt? Ah, shaddup. Like the show's so much funnier. Jed mutters, "You'll thank me one day." Charlie replies, "I'll thank you now, sir, but could you hold off? I'm still working through the fourteen discs of Bach you made me buy last year." Right after he gave you a big fat raise, right? Right? Jed: "The Well-Tempered Clavier?" Charlie: "Both books." Jed: "You know what that means?" Charlie says that Jed already told him what "tempered" means. Jed asks him to research the price of a gallon of milk. Charlie replies, "Two dollars and sixty-nine cents. Two eighty-nine in Georgetown, and $2.54 with a coupon from the paper." Maybe things are different in the U.S. but I can't recall ever seeing a coupon for milk. Most stores tend to sell it at a loss to draw customers in. Jed asks Charlie to make sure everyone knows that tomorrow.

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