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We cut to...Gail! Gail, swimming in her little bowl. Aw. I hope that's the original Gail. Not just storyline-wise, as in the one Danny gave C.J., but the actual original goldfish actor. I like the idea that somebody's kept her alive all these years, though I don't think I've ever seen "goldfish wrangler" on the credits. C.J.'s in her office, and we can hear Jai Yung Ahn playing. She's wearing the blue and white Armani gown she wore at the end of "Galileo." Man, it's a regular continuity fest in this short scene. Much as I like seeing C.J. in new formal outfits, and while this isn't my favourite of hers, it's a little more believable that, now and then, she'd have to repeat outfits. She's not Madonna; she's a girl on a budget. I don't think this dress looks that good on her anymore; it makes her look heavier than she is -- and she's anything but heavy. It's almost a little dowdy on her. She's slumped in her chair, looking at Jai Yung Ahn's CD, and looking sad.

Josh is tying his bowtie in his office when Donna comes to the door and says, "Thank you for earlier." Josh says her aunt and uncle were perfectly nice people. Donna comes in, saying, "I meant when I went into that whole diet/economics harangue." That was a "harangue"? Josh calls it "quite an oratorio." She starts fixing his bowtie as she looks down demurely and admits, "I was showing off and it was ridiculous and you didn't make fun of me and I appreciate it." Josh says, "You know, the President made almost the exact same basic point this afternoon." Donna, futzing with his tie: "Very funny." Josh insists that it's true, and calls it "uncanny." Donna seems to have on a lot more lip gloss than usual. I guess it's okay. Josh adds: "Of course, he left out the whole goofy diet part." Donna: "Don't blow it now." Josh grabs his jacket and leaves, saying, "Perfectly nice people...for residents of the only state that considers 'rind' one of the four major food groups." He does sort of a modified coat flip as he flings his jacket on.

At the concert, Jai Yung Ahn plays with dignity and elegance. We get some blue light on his bald pate. C.J. arrives at the back of the room, carrying what looks like a thick piece of paper or an envelope. Some people thought it was a clutch purse, but it seems way too thin for that. Maybe she's going to slip Jai Yung Ahn a note: "The secret password is 'Shibboleth.'" I wonder what Jed would do if Jai Yung Ahn said that to him out of the blue. Maybe it's C.J.'s resignation letter. I'll be pretty damned surprised if there isn't something along those lines this season. Jed and Leo are in the audience. Jed looks pretty tense.

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