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Outside the performance space, Amy arrives, wearing a low-cut black velvet dress with spaghetti straps and an iridescent white shawl. Her hair is down but pulled back at the sides. She walks up behind Josh, who's standing at the entrance listening to the concert, and says, "Good, I didn't miss it." Josh says there might be thirty or forty seconds left. He stares at her a bit and tells her she looks great. Her hair looks kind of messy, and not in a good way, but otherwise, she looks very pretty. She thanks him and tells him he looks great, too. Josh: "Everyone looks good in a tux; chimps look great." Amy: "With none actually present, I'll have to settle for you." Josh tells her that Swimtern ("of all people") asked him straight out about their relationship: "And I couldn't have avoided the subject more if I had faked a stroke." Amy says, "Cheeky little brat." Josh says that's not the point -- it's that even if he'd wanted to tell Swimtern about it he wouldn't have known what to say. He seems to have forgotten the word "ensorcelled." Or maybe they're just fuckbuddies. Either way, it's not anything I want too much screen time taken up with. Josh continues, "It's like what C.J. said today about the economy: by refusing to put language to it, we're trying to pretend it doesn't exist, but it's something. Even if we don't know what to call it." Amy just gazes at him with her mouth half-open in what I'm sure is supposed to be a romantic or seductive look but which is starting to give me the creeps. Maybe she's just as surprised as I am that Josh is initiating the "where is this going?" talk. Josh continues, "I just think it's time to start thinking about a language plan for whatever it is we're doing, too." Amy just keeps gazing at him. Josh, I suggest you visit the forums, where you will find about twelve hundred choice adjectives for whatever it is you're doing, and a lot of them are going to sound like the speech Toby and Will put on the prompter.

Back to the concert. C.J. stands at the back with watery eyes. Leo and Jed continue looking tense. Jai Yung Ahn finishes playing to a standing ovation. When they sit down again, Jai Yung Ahn says, "Ladies...gentlemen...I wish to..." He looks at Jed, and pauses so long I no longer need to put storm windows on the house but take them off instead. Isn't the suspense killing you? He finally says, "...thank...the President, the American people, for this opportunity. I wish it be started many exchange, improve relation, between our country." Jed gives a little nod. Jai Yung Ahn adds something in Korean -- probably "thank you" -- and bows to more applause. Leo and Jed relax slightly, but Jed still looks pretty grave as the pianist walks off the stage.

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