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Will's in his office working when Toby drops by to tell him that the speech about Russell needs to go on the TelePrompter by 2:00 PM. Will says he has altitude sickness. He explains that the President wants more "altitude," but that Will is having conscience issues. Toby: "I'm sure you've had to say things you haven't meant before...read friends' poetry, had...girlfriends." He says the last part as if he's not entirely sure Will's ever had a girlfriend, but it's more likely just Toby's discomfort with sticking his nose into colleagues' personal lives. Will says he could use some help. Toby sighs: "Just hold your nose and hype him." Will says that POTUS hated the draft: "My self-confidence is down around my ankles." Toby, exasperated: "Well, hitch it up and start typing! Come on! Clackety-clack." He makes typing gestures with his fingers. For some reason, I find this amusing. I could be desperate, though. Will is disappointed to realize that Toby's not going to help. Toby says he has things to do.

Press briefing. A reporter (Lyle) asks C.J. for Jai Yung Ahn's impressions of his first visit to America. C.J. says that Lyle would have to ask him: "But I can tell you, his impression of our buffet table seemed favourable." Katie asks if there's any concern that this sort of cultural exchange confers legitimacy on the repressive North Korean government. You know, I'm at the point where I buy Katie as a reporter way more than most actual reporters. C.J. gives her a canned response about hoping that such things help bring light to such places, nudging them toward more open policies. Katie asks if the pianist is allowed to go wherever he pleases. C.J.: "Well, his mother didn't want him hitting any strip clubs, but as far as I know, he's seeing the sights even as we speak." Another guy -- who, I'm pretty sure, played a doctor on a recent episode of Joan of Arcadia, which I might add, is a lot more entertaining than this show has been this season -- asks if they're moving into a recession. C.J. gives the economic definition for a recession and says that it's not the case right now. Lyle asks her how she would characterize the state of the economy; C.J. quickly replies, "I wouldn't." The reporter who first asked about it wonders what word the administration would use to characterize the economy: "Slowdown, downturn, torpor..." C.J.: "'Torpor'?" Someone starts to tell her what it means and she says, "I know what it means -- I'm feeling a little coming on now, in fact." You, too? We drift along to where Leo's watching the briefing on the monitor in his office, and fade away from the briefing.

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