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C.J.'s hanging around outside the Oval Office, and Charlie's working. Remember Charlie? That guy who gets about as many lines as Gail does these days? Why in God's name are they hiring Jesse Bradford and writing some ridiculous, pointless, stereotyped role for him when they already have eye candy on this show with any number of rich, unexplored, plotlines just sitting there, ripe for the picking? I truly do not understand. If this keeps up I'll be forced to long for the days of that Pabst kid. And how freaking sad is that? Give Charlie a storyline. A good one. I'd even shut up about the lights if Charlie got a really good storyline. Promise. (So long as I can sort of, you know, see it.) C.J. asks, "Did you know North Korea's the only country in the world where it's impossible to access the internet?" I'm telling you, more and more there are days when that sounds like a damn fine thing to me. ["Dude, seriously." -- Wing Chun] "That all TVs and radios are preset before they're sold so they receive only state-controlled stations?" Charlie: "It's a bad place." C.J.: "Can you imagine what it must be like for a musician to live in a society so completely regimented, where the only music allowed is what glorifies the state?" Frink: "No, I can't begin to imagine that at all." Charlie: "It's amazing he'd want to go back." What the hell was the point of that comment?

The door to Jed's office opens and Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, and a bunch of other guys file out. Leo calls C.J. in. Jed asks if they're controlling media access to Jai Yung Ahn. C.J. says they are, and the reporters believe they can't ask questions because the North Koreans won't allow it: "So...he's being allowed back in the building?" Jed: "Leo tells me you have a strong view on this?" C.J.: "Yes, sir. For one thing, sending him back would seem to be illegal." Leo: "Our hand's not legally forced unless he tells anyone." Great! Sort of how the Shareef thing would have worked out great so long as nobody squawked about it. There's an approach to life/ politics/ morals/ ethics that allows you to get up every day and look yourself right in the eye. C.J. calmly says, "He's told us. He's asked the President of the United States for asylum. Are we saying he'd have been better off asking some cab driver?" Apparently so. Jed says that C. J. knows the rationale for sending him back. Just in case the viewer's fallen asleep, though, Leo explains, "So the Iranians don't wake up one morning and decide, 'Hey, it's a good day to nuke Israel.'" Frink: "Uh-huh...."

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