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With that impeccable West Wing timing, Donna walks in as C.J. leaves. "How'd it go?" asks Josh. Donna relays the latest reason given by the Hartsfield's Landers as to why they are not voting for Bartlet. Josh then yells policy at Donna like it's her fault...blah blah blah Josh is a jerkcakes. Then Josh double-hands Donna this big honking binder of Bartlet for New Hampshire literature and policy notes and sends her off again. Jerk!

As Donna takes off, Leo enters (what timing!) and sounds not unlike Yogi Bear as he asks, "Whaddya doing?"

Josh: Just trying to get a little pizza in an uncivilized world.
Leo: It's not easy being you, is it?
Josh: No. Listen...just so I shouldn't sweat...there's a predetermined time for the carrier groups?
Leo: Half the meeting wants to let them go.
Josh: Half the meeting always wants to let them go.
Leo: They need 400,000 troops on high alert for thinking about holding an election. Four hundred thousand troops and a battery of Patriot missiles for thinking of having an election.
Josh: You're going to turn the carrier groups around, right?
Leo: We'll see how the pizza turns out.

Um, oookay. I'm puzzled...but hungry. Josh walks around, and then picks up a phone to call Donna outside and give her some more Bartlet's Good for America child-support facts before segueing into what Leo just told him about Taiwan. Donna says she needs to call the Flenders back, but really, she should have said, "Hey, jackass, it's bad enough I'm doing your go-nowhere shit work in the dead of winter. Do you have to make it worse by slowing me down?" "Josh" in this episode equals "assmunch."

Moving back to the Oval Office metaphor match, we see Toby thinking about his next move while Big Jed engages in his annoying small-talk head games. "Let me tell you," he says, "you're really showing me something tonight...lotta spunk [Hee hee, the President said "spunk"!], lotta pluck. This game isn't all about size, you know. There's a little thing called heart, and you got it, my friend." Looks like Toby has had his fill of Uncle Jed's country time chess talk: "You know what, old man, the very minute they swear in the next guy, you and I are going round and round." It has to be annoying or frustrating for the staff that Bartlet can and does hide behind his Presidential title to win, stop, or ignore discussions and arguments. They should have casual Fridays, when everyone comes to work in jeans and Hawaiian shirts and gets to talk to the Prez like a poker buddy and refer to him as "The Jedster" or "The Jed-Eye Master."

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