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Chess: It's What's for Dinner

POTUS: Well, how do you think it went? ["Geez, script template much?" -- Glark]
Sam: [thinking] I think they said if Taiwan tests their Patriots, they will start their exercises.
POTUS: That's right, except that they didn't call them "Patriots." What did they call them?
Sam: "U.S.-made Patriots."
POTUS: Right....
Sam: They want us to say we will roll back our sales of arms to Taiwan.
POTUS: Good...adventure, heh! Excitement, heh! A President craves not these things.
Sam: But we're not going to stop arming Taiwan.
Sam: Especially now, when they are trying to hold free elections.
POTUS: Right.
Sam: Plus it's the law.
POTUS: Yeah.
Sam: So we sell them the Orions, we sell them the AMRAMs...
POTUS: You gonna move?
Sam: Hang on...you got two carrier groups headed to the Taiwan Strait...
POTUS: Move.
Sam: Plus the Carl Vinson in the South China Sea. Bejing wants you to scale back the weapons, but you're not going to do it.
POTUS: Right. I'm going back to Toby in the other room; he's trying the Balducci attack.
Sam: How does it work?

The President says, "See the whole board!" as he leaves the room. Sam's thinking...Sam's thinking...BOING! "The Aegis destroyers," he says to no one in particular, since the room is very much empty.

It's Love Fish feeding time in C.J.'s office when Josh walks in to see if she wants in on the pizza he's going to get. Wow, he's getting it? In his current jerk mode, one might be tempted into assuming he would have sent Donna out for it while she campaigned on his cell phone. "Oh, I'll get it, I want to get some air," C.J. offers. "We need three," says Josh. C.J. catalogs the pizza data and reminds Josh, "Forty-five minutes until Hartsfield's Landing..." "We're working the room," Josh says. Uh, Josh? "We're"? As in Donna doing the work and you bitching at her? Oh, okay, Josh, as long as we understand each other. "It is absurd," Josh continues, "that forty-two people have this much power." C.J. think's it's nice: "I think it's democracy at its purest. They all gather at once..." blah blah blah small-town America democracycakes. "This is the difference between you and me..." says C.J. Josh interrupts: "You're a sap?" C.J. continues, "Those forty-two people are teaching us something about ourselves -- that freedom is the glory of God, that democracy is its birthright, and that our votes matter!" Josh, picking his battles carefully, asks, "You getting this pizza?" Josh may be a jerk, but he understands that pizza is the life's blood of an office working overtime. C.J. picks up the phone receiver. Oh -- she picks up the whole phone along with the receiver. Ah! The base of the phone is glued to the receiver. C.J.'s getting the pizza, but Revenge? It's what's for dinner. "He Krazy Glued my phone!" exclaims C.J. "Charlie Krazy Glued...my...phone. Okay, now we're playing for keeps." C.J. takes off for pizza and probably a side order of wacky hijinx.

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