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Kate enters C.J.'s office. I guess she decided not to go for that coffee. Kate asks whether something has happened with the leak investigation: "Since I'm supposed to be heading it." Once again, the speaker is in profile and the person she's speaking with is nowhere in the shot. C.J. tells her that she can't discuss it. C.J. crosses behind Kate, and Kate turns to her and says, "I feel like I owe you an apology." C.J. tells her, "You don't. And I really can't discuss this right now."

C.J. walks into the Roosevelt Room. We see the following scene through a pane of glass in the door. C.J. tells Toby that Jed wants to see him. Alana stands up, and C.J. tells her, "Just Toby." Alana tells C.J. that she has a problem with that. C.J.: "I'm sure I didn't just hear you invite yourself into the Oval Office." Alana tells her that she didn't so much invite herself as ask for the honor of an invitation. From herself. She tries to tell C.J. that if she can't go in with him, Toby's not going either. Her bargaining position is undercut somewhat by the fact that Toby is already walking with C.J. toward the door. He tells her, "It's all right. Go home."

C.J. knocks on the door of the Office of O and lets Toby in. She does not stick around herself. Jed is still in his tux, although he's taken the jacket off. Jed's standing just in front of his desk, and Babish is a few feet in front of him, between Jed and Toby. For the first few lines of this confrontation, the camera is positioned squarely behind Jed's head, with Toby quite a distance away and not quite in focus. Toby and Jed greet each other, and Toby says, "I was hoping we would be able to speak in private, sir." The camera cuts to a shot of Jed from the front. He's on the right side of the frame, speaking toward his left. But Babish is in the foreground of the shot, effectively acting as a visual wall between Jed and Toby. Jed tells Toby that his actions have made it impossible for the two of them to speak alone. Jed continues speaking as the camera cuts to a new shot. Now about three-quarters of the screen is taken up by the dark shadow Babish's suit. Toby can be seen standing in a small portion of the screen way to the left. Jed tells Toby that he hasn't had much time to think: "But the one thought that hits the hardest is that this was somehow inevitable. That you've always been heading for this sort of crash and burn." Jed accuses Toby of having a sense of moral superiority. Toby disagrees: "I don't think I'm morally superior to everyone." Jed: "No. Just to me." Toby reaches into his suit pocket and pulls out a piece of paper -- it's his letter of resignation. Jed asks, "What is that, the third one?" Jed tells him to rip it up. Toby's confused, and Jed tells him, with an aching sadness in his voice, "I can't accept your resignation. I have to fire you. For cause." Babish tells Toby that he'll have to turn in his credentials and will be escorted out of the building immediately: "All personal effects will be sent to your home after Counsel staff has catalogued the contents of your office." We can still hear the clock ticking. Toby turns to leave and, with a catch in his voice, says, "Thank you, Mr. President." Jed, who has walked over to the window and loosened his tie, turns back to him: "Toby? When you walk out of here, there'll be people out there, perhaps a great many, who'll think of you as a hero. I just don't want you for a moment thinking I'll be one of them." Ouch. Toby, suddenly seeming much less sad and much more angry, walks out of the Oval Office.

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