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C.J. walks through a door labeled "Office of the Vice President -- Chief of Staff." She asks the secretary if "he" is in. The secretary lets her in to Will's office. She gives him an almost cheery greeting, and he asks what's up. She says, "I'm offering..." and then she has to stop to clamp down on the tears that are starting to come. She starts again: "Well, not so much offering you as dragooning you to be the new White House Communications Director, starting immediately." Will looks stunned. She tells him that she'll smooth things over with the VP, "but first, you should know the President's making a statement in, uh, three or so minutes in which he'll announce that Toby Ziegler has been fired for an egregious national security violation." Again, Allison Janney is amazing. She'll pause, and you can see the effort she's making, and then she'll rush through the next few words because she has to say them before she feels tears coming on, and then she'll pause again before those tears have a chance to reach the surface. On hearing Toby's name, Will just repeats it, almost as a sigh. He asks if Jed needs help with the comments, and C.J. tells him that he has a pretty good idea of what he's going to say. Because Toby's office has been sealed by the Counsel's office, she tells Will to use Annabeth's old office: "Which, come to think of it, used to be yours. Funny how things work out." Will tells her, "Not so funny, really." C.J.'s on the way out the door, and she stops for just a second, and you can hear that she's crying, and she agrees, "No, not so much."

In Debbie's office, Babish waits with Toby for a security guard to come take him out of the building. We see tech guys setting up equipment for the President's remarks in the Oval. Babish tells Toby, "Rough in there." Toby thinks it was only to be expected. Babish tells Toby, "I thought he'd thank you for your service." Toby knows that Jed is angry, and it seems pretty clear to me that Toby's feeling angry himself. Babish tells Toby, "Someone should thank you for your service." And then an agent comes, asks Toby for his White House pass, and escorts him from the building. As Toby is being led down the corridors, Jed's remarks informing the nation of Toby's termination begin running on televisions. At one point, we see Toby and his escort walking down a hallway in the background while the foreground is dominated by the lower half of a television on which we can see Jed twisting and wringing his hands while he speaks. We're back to the deep tone and the military-sounding drums as Toby continues his long trip out of the West Wing. Once he's out the doors, we cut to credits.

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