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Credits. I know some people thought the credits seemed shorter this week, but I clocked them in at forty-five seconds, just like every week. Stockard Channing and Josh Malina both appear in the credits this week, and Kristin Chenoweth is nowhere to be found.

We return to some shots of the West Wing lobby and the communications pool. Some people are still working, but others are headed home, and many lights are being turned off. Based on the clocks in the communications pool, I think it's around 9:35 Eastern Time. Mike leads Toby into the Roosevelt Room, where a group of very young staffers is having some kind of meeting. Mike tells them, "We're going to be needing the room." One of the staffers points out that the room wasn't booked for anything, and he just repeats himself more slowly. And then they all scuttle around to pick up their folders and easels. I guess when the big black lawyer says "Jump," White House staffers say "How high?" After they leave, Mike closes all the doors to the room and tells Toby that he'll return as soon as possible. While he's gone, Mike doesn't want Toby to speak with anyone about anything: "Every conversation you have from this point forward only increases the witness list." And then Mike leaves Toby standing alone in the Roosevelt Room.

Santos campaign jet. As the camera slowly moves up the aisle toward the front of the plane, we hear Helen say, "Watch a movie." Santos points out that they'll be landing in just forty minutes. Helen: "Watch part of a movie." Santos begs off, but Helen thinks it will be something the two of them can do together. Santos points out that they'll just be sitting there staring and two screens and listening to the movie on two sets of headphones. Helen wants to have some kind of shared experience with him, but he tells her that he has to "scan this stump speech for racial code words." Wait, is that part of the new SAT? Apparently, someone has alleged that part of Santos's speech about immigration is actually an accusation that black people are lazy. Helen looks at him, starts snoring, and murmurs, "All work and no play." Well, Helen, when he's with Josh he's able to combine work and play. Helen tries to argue that it would be a plus for them both to wear headphones: "You hate it when I talk in the movies." But he thinks the headphones will just make her get louder. She makes big eyes at him and says, "I thought you liked it when I got loud?" Santos: "In this, as in all things, context is king." She says "fine," sticks her tongue out, and reclines in her seat. I really like the two of them together.

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