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West Wing. Kate walks down a corridor, saying, "Charles? You're a hard man to find." Okay, you have to understand how this shot is framed. Kate has stopped in front of a small bench and is facing to the left where Charles Frost is sitting. We're looking at all of this through a door, so all we can see on Kate's left side is Frost's leg. But behind Kate, on her right, is a glass door, and we can see Frost's face in it. It's as if she's facing him but has her back to him at the same time. There are a lot of unusually framed shots in this episode, and I liked most of them. But this one feels like it's trying to make some symbolic statement about how Frost views himself as a spy while at the same time being incredibly distracting. The first time I watched it, I spent so long trying to figure out what I was looking at that I really couldn't focus on what was being said. Plus, it means we spend the entire scene looking at Kate's ass. And generally I suspect it's a pretty nice ass (for those who like that sort of thing), but the frumpy pantsuit she's wearing is not doing it any favors. Frost tells Kate, "You can't be too careful." She responds, "You can, actually." Heh. He asks her whom he'll be addressing in the Situation Room, and she tells him that there's no way he's briefing anybody in the Sit Room. He needs to brief her, and then she'll go in. But before that, she tells him that he can't stalk the Chief of Staff. Frost points out that C.J. wouldn't return his calls. Kate tells him that C.J. is pretty busy: "I doubt she calls her mother back." Frost: "Her mother's dead and her father's Alzheimer's is so bad he'd have no idea if she ever called or not." Kate joins me in wondering if Frost is deliberately trying to seem creepy. If he is, it's definitely working. Kate starts to bust his chops for bothering C.J., pointing out how much she would like to fire him. He ignores her, asking, "I was right, wasn't I?" The camera pushes in so that we can no longer see him off to the left at all. So we just see Kate speaking off to the left with Frost's face reflected behind her. She tells him that before she'll discuss his theory with him or let him know if events have confirmed it, she wants his "solemn vow that [he'll] never ambush a senior White House official again." He gives a deep sigh, and she tells him, "I'm waiting." Sullenly, like a little boy, Frost says, "Fine." With that, she sits down next to him to discuss the assassination in Kazakhstan. By this time, all we can see is his face reflected in the glass.

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