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Roosevelt Room. Toby stares at the phone sitting right in front of him. After a few seconds, he gets out his wallet, finds a number, and dials the phone. He proceeds to leave a message for his attorney to let her know that he's confessed to being the leak and is waiting to be questioned by the White House Counsel's office. I can't tell you how many of those calls I get in a week. Just then, Mike and Babish enter the room. Babish wonders why Mike left Toby in a room with a phone. And then in a cheerful voice, he asks Toby whom he was speaking with. Toby tells him it was his lawyer's voicemail. Mike reminds him, "My instructions were that you sit quietly." Ah, but did you tell him to put his head down on his desk and take a nap? Toby responds, "I'm pretty sure I used my indoor voice." Babish asks who else Toby spoke with since Mike left him alone, and Toby tells him that Ed and Larry stopped by. Babish wants to know if Toby discussed the leak with them. Toby responds that he did not: "We didn't discuss anything. I was curt and dismissive." And you know he's an expert at that. Babish tells Toby that he'll need Ed and Larry's full names. Toby clearly thinks this is ridiculous, but prepares to answer. As a nation holds its collective breath, he proceeds to write down their full names instead of saying them aloud. Curses! Foiled again! Toby hands the paper to Babish, who hands it to Mike. And then Babish gives Mike a look that basically tells him to beat it. Mike is clearly not happy that he won't be able to help question Toby, but he leaves. Because nobody says "no" to Oliver Babish. Babish sits down. Toby is back to clenching and unclenching his right fist. Which we also saw him do in "Drought Conditions," when he discussed his brother's death. Babish tells Toby that he's in a lot of trouble, and that while Babish is personally sorry to hear it, his main concern as White House Counsel is to figure out exactly how much Toby may have hurt the President. And then Babish starts interrogating Toby. Commercials.

We open with a shot of the Roosevelt Room from above. Toby and Babish are sitting on the same side of the long table, but facing each other. We can see a bit of the chandelier, and each man has a lamp at his end of the table. Babish asks Toby, "Were you the sole individual involved in leaking this?" Toby: "Yes." Babish asks a series of questions aimed at finding out whether anyone even hinted that Toby leak the story. Partway through, the shot switches to a close-up of the back of Toby's head, with Babish out of focus in the distance. Babish asks whether anyone gave Toby a "nudge" or a "wink" to indicate that he should leak the story. To each question, Toby responds, "No." Eventually, he tells Babish, "It was conceived and executed solely and completely on my own." Babish's fuzzy head moves on to a series of questions designed to determine whether Toby let anyone know that he was going to leak the story. Again, Toby's response to each question is "no." After a few of these questions, the shot switches so that Babish's out-of focus-head is in the foreground and Toby's in-focus face is in the background. Toby asks, "We're gonna be here for quite a while, aren't we?" Babish asks him to answer the question. Toby: "No, I didn't speak to anyone at any time of any scenario involving myself or someone else thinking, planning, dreaming, or having an out-of-body experience related to the making of this sort of leak." Babish thinks Toby's answer was cute, but he suggests that he avoid being cute when he's speaking with law-enforcement agents about the leak. I know there are at least a few posters who think it's impossible for Toby to be anything but cute.

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