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Lou tells Josh that she was thinking while Josh was sleeping. Josh alleges that he wasn't sleeping. Lou responds, "Really? With the drooling, the twitching, and the muttering to yourself, which might otherwise be described as a schizophrenic episode, I'd go with 'you were sleeping.'" Have I mentioned lately that I really like her? Lou points out that campaign is stagnating. Josh claims that they're still in the doldrums or the horse latitudes. (Don't ever say you didn't learn anything from these recaps.) Lou thinks that if they are in the doldrums, she and Josh "need to be a stiff wind that blows through the staff and carries a bunch away." Josh praises her for maintaining the meteorological metaphor, but thinks she's sounding hysterical. They get up and start walking to the back of the plane. Lou tells Josh that the current staff isn't cutting it: "Last week, the advance team went to Springfield, Illinois for an event in Springfield, Missouri." Hey, after Santos wins the election, he can give them all jobs with FEMA. ["And in fairness...what's with all the freaking Springfields, anyway?" -- Wing Chun] Lou wants some more experienced hands on board, but Josh thinks that having a young staff comes with being the Democratic candidate. Lou is not impressed: "Vinick's got grownups. We're running a children's crusade." Josh notes that the children's crusade was good enough to win the nomination for a virtual unknown, but Lou thinks the current staff has Santos consistently polling nine points down from Vinick. Josh thinks that letting people go will make it look like the campaign is in trouble. Lou: "The campaign is in trouble. It'll look like we noticed." She hands him a list of people she thinks they can let go. It's quite lengthy. She asks him if there's anybody he wants to fight for, and he notes that Ned's name is on the list. Josh doesn't think Santos will be willing to fire Ned. Lou thinks that's why it's essential that he be fired -- to make it clear to everybody who's staying that the firings were based on competence, not favoritism. Lou thinks that if they don't do something, they're headed to a "forty-nine-state wipeout." Which state does she think Santos would never lose?

Kate and Margaret are walking down the hall together. What an odd pairing. I'm assuming Kate just asked Margaret why she's still at work, because Margaret is telling Kate that she can't leave until the boss leaves. Kate's excuse for being there so late is that "time and assassinations wait for no one." She tells Margaret, "I'm thinking of putting out a line of twisted samplers." Margaret asks Kate when she's supposed to testify before the Congressional committee investigating the leak. Kate responds, "Supposedly Friday, but if they spent all day on you...." I would point out that, according to the last episode, today is Friday. So either Kate is testifying in a week or there are marshals out hunting for her right now. Margaret tells Kate, "I'm really looking forward to things getting back to normal around here." And at that moment, they pass Toby's office, where a herd of lawyers is packing up his computer and every scrap of paper in the place. As the two of them walk away, we see Toby through the glass door of the Roosevelt Room behind them. Nice transition.

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