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Silent Night? On This Show?

Hallway. Will is waiting in the hallway as Toby comes inside from the snow. Toby asks why Will is waiting in the hall instead of his office. Will points to the floor and talks about the holy line of demarcation. Where the West Wing starts, he won't go. Toby says he wasn't listening. Will repeats it. Toby says he didn't care. Toby, you are not alone in this world. Will presents some congressional papers. Toby says it's inconvenient having Will in another office and doing stuff in the hallway. He wants Will closer. But not like that. Toby says Will can have the office next to his. Will offers three reasons why not. 1. He's not the deputy. 2. It's Sam's office. 3. It's way past the holy line of demarcation. If I never hear the words "holy line of demarcation" again, I'll be a happy recapper. "That's the Oval Office over there, right?" Will asks. He averts his eyes. I like you very much, Joshua Malina, but this character is already grating. Will says that if he moves into the office, the other speechwriters will resent him. Toby argues that everyone in the White House will resent Will for having a West Wing office: "Yet, curiously, I don't care." Will asks about the notes on the congressional session. Toby tells him to get his stuff and they'll talk about it. Toby sniffs as Will exits the scene.

Toby shuffles to his office, picking up some papers, and asks someone to call the EPA for him. He walks right past an old man sitting in a chair inside his office. "Toby," the man says. Hey, it's Hesh from The Sopranos, wearing severe glasses. Toby gets as rattled as he's capable of getting with a long moment of silence. "Ginger," Toby calls out. Mob Dad says he's on the level. Josh got him an appointment with Toby. "Josh got you in; you talked to Josh?" Toby says, surprised. Ginger shows up at the door. Mob Dad introduces himself as Toby's father, Julie Zeigler. Toby tells Ginger to have security stand by at Station 6. It always gives you a bit of an edge against estranged relatives when you have a security staff to back you up. Mob Dad tells Toby not to do this; Toby's brother and sisters let him into their lives. He plays with the grandchildren. He read in the newspaper that Toby's going to have twins. Well, not Toby, exactly, but Toby did have something to do with it. Mob Dad says he's happy for Toby and talks about him all the time. Toby walks right out of the office, leaving Mob Dad to stand alone as we watch him through the office blinds.

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