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We see Danny and C.J. in a long shot from down the hall. He's talking about cricket. The sport, not the insect. She asks when he started liking cricket. Yo, if you like cricket even a little bit, go rent Lagaan. It's fantastic, honest. Danny says he visited Bermuda for four days. C.J. says she likes the scooters. He says he was riding along and saw some people playing cricket. The point is, he met a guy, a Bermudian. Oh, this story can't end well. He won't tell C.J. the guy's name, but the guy was a cricket nut. He's a ramp signal agent on a small strip, and marshals planes coming in. The air strip guy was recently given the day off for a training crew to come in and take over their shift. The next day, he realized that he left his cricket bat at work, so he walked six miles to get the bat, but when he got there he wasn't allowed in. The "training crew" was standing out front, three of them were white with southern accents. Uh oh. On May 21, he was told to take the next day off. On May 22, Abdul's plane went off radar eighty-five miles from Bermuda. C.J. takes a breath. She says this is like something you'd get on the internet. Danny says he's back, he's happy, and he still like C.J., but warns her not to jerk him around on this story. He says the three guys at the airstrip were U.S. Army Rangers. He says he has to change his clothes. C.J. says nothing as Danny walks out and greets someone on his way.

Leo is at a computer, Josh behind him. Josh says the Israelis don't think it's safe. "They're worried about an attack," Leo says. Josh says they're worried about the roof caving in because part of it collapsed that morning. Ah, the Nativity Church. Leo asks why they can't fix it. Josh says they'd have to bring in hammers and nails: "They're worried someone's gonna use this stuff for bombs." Josh says that's true and that there are tons of churches in the area. Leo gets mad and says he's not trying to forge a lasting cease-fire; he's just trying to fix the roof. From Washington. He asks Josh to look into a U.N. relief and recovery unit to send down there and offer an assist. Josh goes to do that.

Josh walks out, and there's Toby waiting for him in the hall. Toby asks what he was doing. He stops Josh with a hand. "What were you doing?" "Yes, I'm sorry. Yes, I did," Josh says. Do in the who with the what now? Toby says he wishes he hadn't and Josh knew that. "I did," Josh says. Ooh, acting exercise. Now do the mirror. "Yeah," Toby says, and walks away. If this beats The Sopranos next year at the Emmys for writing, I'm going to cry.

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