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Apocalypse Now...Or Maybe Later

C.J. is sitting next to Jed's bed, negotiating with him about how much he can participate in the negotiations. He wants to be in the first half-hour of every meeting, but she's concerned that if he leaves after thirty minutes, Lian will want to take a break as well "to make sure we know he doesn't like negotiating with subordinates, [so] we lose half the day." Jed takes off his glasses and asks, "Are you benching me?" C.J. quotes back to Jed a bunch of stuff he said to her about how important it was to defuse the North Korean nuclear threat and how that would only happen with China's help. Jed: "Never quote me to me."

Leo is pedeconferencing with Margaret. He tells her to call NASA and see if they got any information overnight. Take a lesson, producers -- that's a nice and subtle way to let us know that it's a new day. No subtitles required. Margaret asks how many spots there are. Leo's as perplexed by this as I am, and she clarifies that she's talking about the President's bunker: "If the asteroid hits and the President, the First Lady, and eighty percent of senior staff are in China, don't you think we ought to sort out who gets their spots?" Leo wonders when Margaret was placed on the National Security Council. She tells him that of course Leo would get a spot: "You might want me there to help out, is all I'm saying." I think Margaret and Dr. Sprout should get together and have some wonderfully quirky children. (Unless Dr. Sprout decides to go after that man he once loved.)

Leo runs into Josh in the hallway. In the background, some Christmas decorations are being put up. Again, another subtle way to let us know what general time of year it is. Leo tells Josh, "Margaret's booking hotel rooms for the apocalypse." That reminds Josh that he needs a flashlight. Leo asks Josh, "You pick your dream man yet?" Oh fine, he said "dream candidate" and not "dream man." It's all the same anyway. Josh is confused: "I don't know how all this works." Again, I know some guys who would lend a hand with that. So to speak. But that's not quite what he's talking about: "You pick the smartest, most capable, most honorable individual you can think of and you have a conversation. Ideally, before the New Hampshire filing deadline." Josh thinks he "can't pick up and leave the White House to run a campaign for some dark horse that [he] pulled out of a cornfield." Leo reminds Josh that Leo did just that when he got Bartlet to run, and he wants to know who's on the wish list. Josh, all nervous and blushing (okay, the blushing might actually be a reflection from a Christmas light): "I don't know. Uh, there's this one guy. It's a stupid idea." Leo: "There are no stupid ideas. Well, there are. I don't know why people say that." Actually, they don't say that. They say, "There are no stupid questions." But I think that one's wrong, too. Josh thinks that with everything going on, it would be a bad time for him to leave: "I've gotta stay here, finish what I started." Leo, who has new insight on this point, tells him, "It doesn't finish, Josh. It keeps going."

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