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Leo runs into Bingo Bob in a hallway. They exchange pleasantries, and Leo asks Bob if he's on his way to the cabinet room. It turns out that Bob is, and Leo innocently asks if Leo might join him. You can see that Bob knows exactly what is being done to him, but there's no way he can politely turn Leo down, so he invites Leo to come along. Deft, Leo. Very deft.

Carol walks up to Margaret and someone else. She looks familiar, somehow.... Oh, wait, it's Ginger! (For those who are not obsessed with the show, Ginger is an assistant in the Communications Office who for some reason has not been seen since sometime early in the fifth season.) Carol asks the two of them if they put Kyle in. Ginger: "Who's Kyle?" And that's Ginger's only line. See you next season, Ginger. Carol reminds her that he's from NIH, and that he's blond with a cowlick. Margaret, clipboard in hand, says that he's in, along with Dan Rosten. Will walks up to them and asks for a copy of some document. Margaret clutches the clipboard to her chest and puts on an enormous and very fake smile. She turns to the others, and through her clenched teeth, mutters, "Oh my gosh, the V.P." Will asks what's going on, and they all tell him it's nothing. As Margaret hands over the document he asked for, Will sees the word "bunker" on her clipboard and takes it out of her hand to read it. He notes that some guy named Dan is in the bunker, but that they forgot the V.P. Margaret: "I just put him in." Josh walks up and wonders what's going on, and Will clues him in. Margaret says that they need to plan for the bunker, because "somebody needs to repopulate." They both wonder who Dan is, and Carol tells them that he's the UPS guy: "Wears the shorts." Josh and Will are both shocked that the women are selecting bunkermates based on whether or not they are beefcake. I think Will and Josh are just jealous because they're not on the list. Will suggests that it's all well and good to have some strong men around to "kill you an elk for dinner," but that "somebody's got to be there to invent the telephone." I think that's what the women will be doing while the men hunt the elk. Or does Will that they're going to sit around and cook elk stew and knit blankets out of elk hair? As Josh and Will walk away, Josh asks him if he really thinks he would able to reinvent the telephone. Predictably, Will does not.

Donna shanghais Josh in the hallway, telling him, "I need you." It's about time she admitted.... Oh wait, that's not what she means. She tells him that it's time for the conversation, and he asks her if it would irresponsible for him to leave the administration early. Donna is over it: "It's a conversation about me, not you." Oh, Donna. Every conversation between the two of you is about Josh. He tells her that he needs to go to the OEOB (Old Executive Office Building, where the Veep has his offices, and which is right across the street from my new job). She tells him that he needs to sit down and talk with her. He calls her demanding, and turns the conversation right back to himself, telling her that Leo "thinks [Josh] should wandering the American byways in search of the next president." Donna: "I quit." And then she stops right where she is and lets Josh walk on without her. After a few steps, he turns around and says, "What? No you don't. Come on, walk with me." She tells him that she's not messing with him, and that there will be a temp at her desk the next day. He treats her as though she were a child having a temper tantrum, apologizing for canceling their lunch and promising to meet with her the next day. In a rush, Donna starts to give him the speech that you know she had prepared for her meeting, telling him that it is "an honor and a privilege" to work for him, but that she needs more. He tells her that she's absolutely right and that they'll discuss it at lunch the next day. As he walks away, he mutters, "She quits? Oy."

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