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And now, Martin Sheen's Emmy reel. Abbey is sitting on the bed in the hotel room, taking off her earrings and trying to engage Jed in conversation about the summit. (He's off-camera at this point.) She also tells him that she spoke with Liz, and that she and her husband will bring the kids for Christmas: "She said they may even persuade Zoey to make an appearance." Considering that her parents just threw her an enormous birthday party complete with famous (though obnoxious) performers, I would hope she could be assed to make it home for the holidays. Ungrateful wretch. We hear Jed's voice as he points out that Liz and her family had other plans for Christmas: "I'm not dying. There's no need to rush to the bedside." Abbey asks Jed whether he spoke with Lian about the AIDS clinics, and when he doesn't respond, she walks into the bathroom, where she finds him standing at the sink, his wheelchair right behind him. She asks him what he's doing. Jed: "Brushing. Do you mind?" She has no patience (and also no bedside manner) and she comes over to harangue him about overdoing it. She's messing around with the chair (getting it ready for him to sit his ass back down, I think), when she notes that the brakes aren't even engaged (which I know from family experience can cause an accident when you go to sit down in the chair, if nobody is holding it for you). Jed tells Abbey to leave it alone and then half turns to reach for the chair (to pull it away from her, I think). He loses his balance and falls to the hard bathroom floor, landing on his side. Abbey immediately screams out, "Michael," and a Secret Service agent runs into the room and starts to help Jed up. Jed doesn't want the assistance, however, and he orders Michael to leave him alone. Michael leaves Jed sitting up on the floor, with his back against the tub and Abbey leaning over him.

After Michael leaves, Abbey tries to help Jed up, and he yells, "Don't touch me." She sinks down to the floor herself, until they are sitting in almost exactly the same pose. He asks her what he's doing there, and she responds with a joke: "Apparently, you like the tile." He is not amused: "Abigail, I swear to God..." He thinks the entire trip has amounted to wasted time. She tries to reassure him: "Maybe you're not gonna skin the whole cat [eeeewwww], but you're gonna make some headway. You're gonna get your North Korea talks." He thinks she's nuts -- Lian is walking all over the staff, and in the one meeting Jed does attend they keep giving him ginseng tea to improve his nerves, meaning that he has to go to the bathroom an awful lot: "The new kid Curtis and I are becoming very close." He thinks the Chinese are thrilled to not have to discuss anything. Abbey tells him to push the staff, and he responds, "I tried that, you hear me, I tried that! Decisions are made in the room. I am not in the room! I can't do the job, Abbey. Do you understand? I can't do it. I cannot do the job!" He begins to pound his legs with his fists. "Look at me! Look at me!" Dude, we're all looking. Commercials.

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