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A subtitle welcomes us to Day Three. C.J. is reviewing the plans for the final ceremony, which will consist of signing the joint agreement and taking lots of pictures. She tells him that because the photos will all be taken by the White House photographer, they can shoot them all from the chest up if he wants to remain in the wheelchair. He is not amused: "You can get a cardboard cutout. They have those here, don't they?" C.J. tells him that while they didn't get everything they wanted, they did lay some groundwork. He tells her that the asteroid has entered daylight and can no longer be tracked: "Now we just wait for loud noises. Let's go take some pictures."

Signing ceremony. Jed tells Lian that he regrets not having had a one-to-one meeting, and Lian tells him how fruitful his discussions with Jed's advisers were. They are surrounded by the entire Chinese delegation as a photographer snaps pictures. The photographer asks for some shots of just the two presidents, and everyone else clears out. Jed asks, in an offhand way, "I wonder if it would be possible to say hello to former President Shang before we left the country. I met with him on a number of occasions, as you know, and our talks were always exceptionally fruitful. It would be nice to sit together again, just two old men." And then Jed leans over and whispers to Lian, "You speak pretty good English, don't you?" C.J. is speaking to the photographer when Kate walks over to her and says, "C.J., they're going." And sure enough, Curtis is wheeling Jed into another room as Lian walks next to him. See, I told you -- Curtis was part of a plot to kidnap Jed. And now they have him.

White House. Charlie pedeconferences with Josh, telling him that he has preliminary budgets from everyone except for Transportation: "They said you knew why." Yes, I believe it's because the dog ate their homework. Josh asks Charlie if he's ever worked on a campaign (the answer is "no"), and whether he will work on the upcoming one (the answer is, "who knows"). Someone hands Josh a note as Charlie continues to talk about budget markups. Josh hands the note to Charlie and then walks into the bullpen, announcing, "Ladies and gentlemen, the asteroid has passed us. The world is not ending today." Charlie follows behind and reads out the details: apparently the asteroid passed only 73,400 miles above earth's atmosphere, which is awfully close. As Charlie reads, Josh notices that there is someone who is not Donna sitting in Donna's cubicle. A foreboding chord is played.

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