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Back in Beijing, C.J. asks Toby how long Jed can sit up, and Toby expositions that the doctor said thirty minutes, forty tops. At that moment, Jed had been meeting with Lian for seventy-two minutes. Teddy comes out and tells C.J. that Jed called him in to learn the exact amount of uranium the South Koreans enriched. And just then, Curtis sticks his head out and says that Jed would like the translators to come back in. A cell phone rings -- it's Leo. C.J. fills him in on what is happening. Leo: "I was gonna tell you the world's not ending, but maybe it is." C.J.: "The asteroid's passed?" Leo: "It's passed." They make it sound less like a global threat and more like a kidney stone.

Josh walks up to the stranger sitting at Donna's desk and asks her where Donna is. Hey, I recognize that woman. Don't let her make you smell that shoe. She appears to have changed catchphrases, asking Josh, "Who's Donna?" Josh tells her that Donna is the woman in whose chair she is sitting. "The blonde girl? I'm Marla Warsky. I'm covering this desk for a few days." Josh hones in on the fact that Marla is a temp, and assumes that Donna will be back in a few days. But the shoe woman does not let anyone live in a state of denial: "She got a new job, I think. I've got her cell, if you want to give her a call." Because that's the shoe woman. She'll take your deepest truths and shove them in your face. And make you smell them. Josh has a look of utter despair on his face as Marla holds up a post-it note for him. Don't smell it, Josh, whatever you do.

Beijing. Millie is telling C.J. and Abbey that she thinks they ought to pull Jed out of the meeting. C.J. thinks that if he's having any trouble, he'll let them know. Abbey agrees with C.J.: "The President's made his choice, Millie. He'll come out when he wants to come out." So, of course, he chooses that exact second to want to come out. Jed hands some papers to Kate, telling her to proofread them carefully: "Their translator's spelling ain't what he thinks it is." Curtis wheels Jed away, accompanied by Abbey and Millie. Kate starts looking at the documents as C.J. and Toby walk over to her. Toby asks what the papers are. Kate: "It's a seating arrangement. For North Korea talks." Ah, but did they write out the place cards while they were in there? And decide on the centerpieces? Because I've heard from my bride friends that those are the kinds of details you just can't leave to other people.

Josh walks into the doorway of an office that Leo is using. Josh: "Donna quit." Leo takes a second, and then says, "Donna Moss?" Is there another Donna? Maybe a secret, evil twin? (I'm also recapping The O.C. this week, so I'm trying to get into a soap opera mood.) Leo asks Josh if he pissed Donna off -- I think he should know the answer to that based purely on his own interactions with Josh. Leo's not the most comforting guy in the world, telling Josh, "Good for her. See, I tried to tell you this. People move on." Josh gets a look of steely determination in his eyes (tempered, I think, by a little love).

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