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Jed and Curtis are walking down a hallway on the plane, and Jed asks him how he's doing. Curtis says that he's fine, and Jed tells him to take his time. Curtis: "Am I going too fast?" Jed: "No, no, I'm just saying, you drop me, that's a moment that follows you the rest of your life." By this time, Curtis is slowly walking down the stairs to the tarmac. Everything looks quite wet, as though it's been raining. I hope for both their sakes that someone has applied some nonslip daisies to the steps. There's still no sign of the Secret Service taking any steps to prevent potential injury to the President. Jed: "I hope somebody brings the damn chair." Curtis, breathing with effort: "I hope so too, sir." As they descend, we fade to commercials.

We hear C.J.'s voice coming out of a speakerphone. She's addressing Leo, Josh, and Charlie, who seem to be holding a candlelit meeting. (Actually, the room would probably be brighter if it were candlelit.) In response to Leo's question, C.J. tells them that there will be a photo of Jed in China soon. Josh is glad to hear it: "We got talking heads claiming he's in a coma and we flew him to China so they could make a wax mock-up like they did of Chairman Mao." Hmmm, could we do that with our current President? Josh tells Toby (who is also on the call, with C.J.) that the Dow took a nearly 500-point dive after the release of the news. C.J. tells the crew assembled at the White House that they need to find something for Jed to do that will make him "look active. And not, you know..." Josh: "Paralyzed?" After they end the call, Josh sends Charlie off to talk to "the agencies and policy shops" to find something Jed can sign. After Charlie leaves, Josh asks Leo to speak with the Pentagon and to sit in on the Cabinet meeting. He also asks him if he's seen Vinick's announcement that he's running. Leo has only seen parts of it, and Josh tells him that he'll have Donna make a tape so that Leo "can join [Josh] in [his] despair." Margaret knocks on the door and tells them, "There's someone here from NASA. He needs to speak with whoever's in charge, and at this point, I have no idea who that is." As she finishes that sentence, she juts her chin out defiantly. NiCole Robinson has just been blowing me away this season -- I'm really glad they've been giving Margaret more to do on the show. Leo is less impressed with her, as he tells her, "Maybe keep the philosophical questions to yourself." Josh says that he'll take the meeting. And I continue to be impressed with how easy it is for any random government employee or member of the public to get into the White House without an appointment.

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