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Curtis wheels Jed down a hallway while C.J. walks alongside and speaks to him. Is it still pedeconferencing if one of the conferees is not walking? Jed explains that the plan was flawed: "Ideally, the recipient of the secret sign stays in the room. I almost pulled my ear off." C.J. explains that she had to step out to take an urgent call from Leo. Jed: "I thought he didn't work for us anymore?" C.J.: "These things change." She says that they should call Leo back, if Jed's up for it. He thinks it's bound to better news than what is happening in the summit. C.J.: "Oh, you'd be amazed."

Charlie and Josh pedeconference. Charlie gets to do a lot more pedeconferencing now that he's no longer confined to the Oval Office. I wonder if he's lost any weight? Charlie is wondering whether the asteroid "is gonna kill us like it killed the dinosaurs." Well, Charlie, I really don't think it's the same asteroid. Because that one, you know, crashed into the earth and everything. Josh thinks that the asteroid will miss the earth entirely, but Charlie still wants to know what might happen: "Likelihood is, it hits an ocean, starts a tsunami, and, you know, surf's up, in Illinois." Charlie has been on the job of looking for accomplishments they can announce to show that Jed's illness is not slowing down the administration. So far, he's turned up "establishment of preliminary diplomatic relations with Myanmar." Josh points out that it's a brutal dictatorship, and Charlie suggests that if "we establish relations, maybe we talk 'em out of it." I'm having trouble thinking of any dictatorships, other than the one in Brazil, that just decided one day to go a different way. Charlie also says that there is "forward motion on [mumble mumble]." Josh thinks that [mumble mumble] was supposed to have been passed two months ago, and Charlie points out that it wasn't, but that there is forward motion. Josh doesn't think either of these is likely to reassure the press that Jed is up to the job of President. Charlie suggests distracting the press with the asteroid that's coming to destroy the earth.

By this time Josh has arrived at his office and Charlie has walked away. Donna walks in behind Josh and asks, "Can we do this now?" He doesn't know what she's talking about. She tells him that it's the lunch meeting that never was, so she just wants to have the conversation now. Josh: "Can't. World ending." She tells him that she thought it wasn't going to hit, and that there's nothing to do about it anyway. He realizes that, but thinks it's vitally important that he monitor the situation closely. He has gathered up some papers and walks past her, saying "Tomorrow. Lunch. Definitely." He leaves her standing forlorn in his office.

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