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In The Room Of One's Own

Vinick's office. He continues to blather on about checks and balances. Josh says, "Checks are fine; it's the witch hunts I have a problem with." Vinick slides some shoe polish across the table to Josh and tells him, "Pick up a brush. You're not leaving this room with shoes like that." If this guy becomes President, I can just imagine the cabinet meetings. Josh takes off one of his shoes and starts polishing. Vinick tells Josh that his committee is about to start a hearing on some guy named Magrudian, who took a Marine helicopter to play golf in Florida. Josh thinks that's old news, since "it was over a year ago, and we fired the guy." According to my sources, it was more like six (or maybe that should be seven) years ago. But what do I know. Vinick tells him that this is another incident that happened earlier. Josh asks, "Do you really think the American people care about this?" Vinick hopes they don't, but points out that he's got a lot of members of his committee who do: "You think I like investigating high-school stuff like this?" Hey, I hear those high-school investigations can get pretty serious. Vinick tells Josh that the White House should stop serving up stupid mistakes for the zealots on his committee to investigate. In particular, he asks, "Do me a big favor, will you? No more flag burnings in the White House. I've had four nuts demand hearings on that one already." Vinick goes on to tell Josh, "The United States Senate does not investigate what happens at kids' birthday parties. Not as long as I have anything to say about it." Josh asks him whether he's decided whether to run for another term. Vinick tells him that he's flying home that night to make his announcement. "Why, you want to make me a retirement offer?" Josh: "Yeah, I happen to have one on me." Vinick asks him what he has, and Josh offers him the U.N. ambassadorship. Vinick says that it's tempting, but that it's not the job he wants: "The President can't give me the job I want." Josh: "Which one?" Vinick: "His." Josh speaks for the stupidest producer in the world and asks Vinick if he's running for President. Vinick: "Starting tomorrow. You missed a spot on the heel."

Air Force One. Millie is telling C.J. and Toby about Jed's condition. She tells them that if he gets some rest, he might be just fine by the end of the flight. Toby is worried that he might be worse. Millie suggests that if Jed's condition remains the same, there's no reason he couldn't complete the summit without anyone's being the wiser. But C.J. and Toby are both worried that it would be pretty difficult for him to shake hands with anyone, and that if he meets with another head of state and doesn't shake his hand, it would cause an uproar. Millie suggests that they get Abbey on the phone. Toby wonders who else they should call. Milie: "Well, for an MS patient, this is the equivalent of a headache. I mean, who would you want us to call if you had a headache?" C.J. suggests that they should keep it a secret for the time being.

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