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In The Room Of One's Own

C.J. et al. reenter the Office of O, where Kate is reading a draft statement commending the Chinese government for releasing the political prisoner. The eight other people who were previously in the room have disappeared. Perhaps we should accuse Penn and Teller of kidnapping them. Jed is not happy with the word "commend," and they decide to say that the U.S. is "encouraged" by the release. C.J. tries to put some papers in Jed's right hand, and they just fall to the floor. She doesn't hesitate to pick them up and put them on his desk, but he casts a furtive glance around the room. Kate, C.J., and Toby keep discussing the statement, while Jed glances down at his desk and uses his left hand to slide a pen into his right hand. He can't grip the pen, however, and it falls back to the desktop. He surreptitiously slides his right hand into his pocket and walks over to the group, telling them that he would like to take a look at the statement again. They're still discussing it as we fade to commercials.

If I found those Old Navy singers in my attic, I would call an exterminator.

Air Force One, still on the ground. C.J. is telling Jed that they are going to get Penn and Teller to release a statement on the flag burning to that the issue will go away. Jed is concerned that they're going to "ruin a perfectly good segment on Crossfire tonight." In the background, we see Governor Bundy on a monitor.

The same footage of Governor Bundy is also on a monitor in the White House, where Donna is asking Josh if he wants to see any of the Christmas party invitations she's declining on his behalf. He only wants to see the ones she accepts, which he hopes will be none. She tells him that Air Force One is forty-eight minutes late taking off, and he claims that means he wins their bet. She tells him that he took forty-five minutes or under, which he denies. Donna: "Do you really want to become a pathological liar over three bucks?" He puts on his coat and starts to walk out, telling her that he's going to be late for his meeting with Vinick. She tells him, "Not anymore, you won't." He thinks this means that Vinick cancelled, but she tells him that she rescheduled the meeting for him because Charlie needs him on something. She says that Charlie has been passing stuff along for Josh since C.J.'s been "on the road." Donna: "You can say 'China trip.' Every time you say 'on the road,' it screams [of] trying to avoid saying 'China trip.'" Josh tells Donna that he's fine not going on the China trip: "Picking a U.N. ambassador's no small thing." Donna: "You didn't pick him." Josh also tells her that only he can reschedule his meetings, not Donna or Charlie. She looks at him and says, "To keep your fragile ego intact, I've been trying to avoid using the phrase 'direct order from C.J.' I'll take your coat."

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