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In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen, Part I

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In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen, Part I

Previously on The West Wing: Gina noticed neo-Nazi crackers glaring at Zoey in a crowd; Josh told Hoynes that, had Hoynes listened to Josh three years ago, he'd be President now; two gunmen opened fire on President Jed Bartlet and his staff as they left a meeting on Monday evening in Rosslyn, Virginia. Chaos ensued.

Monday, 9:37 PM. Amidst flashing lights and sirens, the President and his staff are being driven away from the shooting site. Jed is naturally shaken and upset, and is fretting about Zoey, demanding to know how she is and wanting to speak with her. Head Secret Service guy Ron Butterfield, who's trying to keep Jed calm, explains that Zoey can't talk right now because she's puking on the floor of the limo behind theirs. Jed's getting more distraught as Ron tries to reassure him that Zoey will be all right, and explains that Gina had to stay behind to help with the investigation. Jed is breathing extremely heavily and asks whether anyone is "dead back there." Ron says he doesn't think so, at which point Jed notices that Ron's right hand is bleeding profusely through a scrap of bandage. Ron explains that he got hit, and seems pretty calm about it. Jed yells to the driver to turn around, that they've got to go to the hospital. Ron and Jed argue vehemently about this. Ron insists, "I have to put you inside the White House, Mr. President! This isn't something we discuss." Jed blusters, "My daughter is throwing up on the floor of the car behind us, you're losing blood by the litre, not to mention God knows how many broken bones you've got in your hand, but let's make sure I'm tucked in bed before we do anything..." A little blood appears on Jed's lips. Ron leans over and starts patting Jed all over -- on the back of his head, around his neck, finally sticking his left hand under Jed's jacket and bringing it back up covered with blood. Ron screams at the driver, "G.W.! Blue! Blue! Blue!" The limousine hangs a squealing one-hundred-and-eighty degree turn and speeds off.

Cut to C.J., back at the crime scene, holding a cloth to her head and insisting to a paramedic that she's fine, that she just hit her head on the ground. The paramedic assesses her consciousness and tells her he doesn't think she'll need stitches but that she should find someplace to lie down. Desperately anxious, she asks him, "Is the President dead?" He says he wouldn't know about that and rushes off to help someone else. C.J. walks around the police car that she was sitting on and bends down to pick up her belongings, noticing the bullet-shattered window on the car's opposite side. Just then Sam walks up and asks if she's all right. He tells her that the President and Zoey are on their way back to the White House, and that they've just put Leo in a car. He asks her again if she's all right; C.J. says, "Somebody pulled me down." Just then Gina comes barrelling through on her way to speak to Tommy Cho, the ID agent. She tells him that there were two shooters and that they've got them, but that there was a third person signalling them from the ground. She tries to give Tommy as much detail as she can, but she can't remember much beyond "white male, twenty to twenty-five, maybe five ten." Tommy takes off ordering the agents around him, "Fix a perimeter! Close the airports, shut 'em down! I want the Harbour Patrol and the Coast Guard!" People are shouting and running all over the place; Gina looks miserable.

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