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In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen, Part I

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In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen, Part I

Out in the hall, Toby tells C.J. to try to hold Danny off for a few hours. He mentions that she scratched her neck. It seems odd to me that everyone would fixate on such a normal, banal gesture. She mumbles about her necklace and then tells Toby that she's being asked about why a canopy wasn't used. Toby just says, "Okay." C.J. says that since they don't comment on protection procedure, she doesn't think she'll have to answer the question. Toby just says, "Yeah." C.J., not sure she understands, just says, "Okay." Toby says he'll see her at the hospital. As he walks into his office area, he asks someone for Section 202 of the National Security Act of 1947. I'll bet Aaron Sorkin could lend you his copy. He walks into his office past Ginger, not really seeing her at first. Then he notices that she's just standing there, looking shell-shocked. She's clearly pretty upset, and can't really come up with much to say. Toby gives her a hug, and tells her it's okay. She thanks him. He asks if she's all right, and if she's ready to work now. She says she is. As she goes back to her desk, and he turns to walk into his office, we hear a man's voice say, "You want another one of those?" He turns and looks at Ginger. "What?" She says she didn't say anything.

Quick cut to a middle-aged bartender with a GI haircut asking Toby if he wants another drink. We're in flashback land again. It seems to be midday at this bar. Toby's smoking a stogie (yecch) and sitting with a somewhat haggard-looking woman. I can only assume that she's not having the best hair day of her life on this particular day. She says that she didn't even know Bartlet was running. Toby says that they keep it a pretty good secret. Titles inform us that we are in Hank's Tavern, in Nashua, New Hampshire. Toby suggests that she come to hear Bartlet speak at the VFW hall that night. She demurs, saying that she's not very political. He tells her that there'll be free chicken. She asks whether he's been a "professional political operative" his whole life. Toby jests, "Well, there was a while there I was in elementary school." She chuckles, and asks him if he's any good at it. Toby's resting his head on his right hand, which is also holding his cigar. He pauses, scratches his forehead a bit, and finally says that he's very good at it. She asks how many elections he's won. Toby says, "Altogether? Including city council, two Congressional races, a Senate race, the gubernatorial campaign, and a national campaign..." He pauses, scratches his forehead again. "None." She seems pretty surprised. Toby's unfazed: "You gotta be impressed with my consistency." She then asks him why he's drinking so much so early in the day. Toby explains that he's about to be fired. He takes another swig of his drink, tells her that it was good meeting her, and leaves. Time for some commercials.

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