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In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen, Part I

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In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen, Part I

Back in the present day, it's 1:45 on Tuesday morning. Ron Butterfield lets Leo into Jed's recovery room, where Abby and Zoey are by his side. Jed's pleading to be allowed to see Josh. Everyone thinks that he should stay in bed. He keeps begging and finally Dr. Keller gives a subtle sign of assent to Abby. She relents and says that he can see Josh just for a minute.

VFW hall again. Pretty well everyone's left, and Bartlet sits down with Leo, Toby, and the four tools. The tool contingent is haranguing Jed about not saying his opponent's name in speeches. They think he should only say "my opponent" or "the other guy." They don't seem to think Jed's gotten their point. Jed says, "I understood the point that Cal was making. I was sitting next to him when he made it. My ears are connected to my brain just like everybody else and I'm saying, what's next?" However, the guy continues droning on about how saying his opponent's name is giving him free publicity. Bartlet doesn't agree with this at all, and says that he thinks that calling Hoynes "the other guy" is going to make him look "addled" and "dotty," like he can't remember the guy's name. "And even if it didn't make me look like those things, it would remain a stupid idea. What's next? Nothing? Excellent." He leaves. Leo asks what's next. Big Tool says that they have to talk about what happened tonight. Leo says that he thinks Jed did well, but that he would have liked to have more seats filled. Big Tool says that's not what he's talking about. Toby says, "He's talking about the Governor's answer tonight. I'm just guessing. I'm pretty drunk." Big Tool says that is what he's talking about, but generally seems to be trying to bring the subject around to Toby's contributions. He suggests that it might be a more comfortable discussion to have with Toby out of the room. Leo impatiently states that he doesn't have time to make people comfortable: "If a change has to be made, it has to be made." Toby's eyes are downcast; he figures Leo's about to hand him the pink slip. Leo announces, "Jerry, Cal, Mack, Steve, you're fired." Big Tool and Toby each reply in succession, "What?" Leo continues, "No kidding. It's moving day. I want Toby. The rest of you...thanks very much." They're dumbfounded. Nobody moves. Leo says, "Fellas? Look at my face. You're done." They leave without another word. Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya, you Democratic dorks. Leo turns to Toby and warns him, "Don't screw up." He leaves too.

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