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In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen, Part I

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In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen, Part I

Cut to Toby looking for Josh. He runs into Charlie, who tells him that Josh got into the car with Leo. Toby says that it was Shanahan who got in the car with Leo, not Josh. Charlie's not sure what to do, but goes off in response to someone's call for help. Toby continues searching for Josh, finally noticing him sitting at the top of some stairs near a big concrete planter. As the camera follows Toby's legs up the stairs, and Toby comes face to face with Josh, we see Josh in shock, holding both hands to a bloody wound in his upper left abdomen. Toby's literally thrown off-kilter by what he sees, and it takes him a second to be able to call for a doctor loudly enough. C.J. and Sam hear Toby and come running. Just then Josh collapses and Toby manages to support Josh's head before it hits the ground.

Roll the new, improved credits, minus one Mandy "Amandaleine" Hampton and plus one Donna "Now with 35% less irritation factor" Moss. We get new footage of all the actors, and since this will probably be discussed in the forums, the order is: Rob Lowe, Dulé Hill, Allison Janney, Janel Moloney, Richard Schiff, John Spencer, Bradley Whitford, and Martin Sheen. Sheen gets the coveted "and" along with final billing.

After some commercials so we can catch our breath, we're at the hospital emergency room as the show goes all ER on our asses for a little bit. Suddenly I am seized with additional compassion for Wing Chun and Sars, who must recap this sort of medicalized frenzy every week, only with bad scripts. ["Well, Sars is off that particular hook, but James Van Der Beek's nostrils are a special kind of hell all on their own." -- Wing Chun] It's a relatively calm, quiet night at the hospital so far. Nurses are bantering pleasantly when the phone rings. One nurse answers the phone on the desk, only it's not the one that's ringing. She picks up the red wall phone and Ron Butterfield (on the other end) simply says, "We're coming in!" She starts asking about whether it's a drill, because while they're not that busy, she does have a couple of kids with alcohol poisoning...but while she's blathering on about delaying things if it's a drill, limousines with sirens blaring have pulled up in view of the window. Seeing this, she hangs up and picks up the announcement microphone and says, "Trauma one! Blue! Blue!" Everyone starts running around. Secret Service guys are swarming the place already, moving low-priority patients out to another hospital. I'm guessing nobody in the entire building rates as higher priority than POTUS with a gunshot wound. One Secret Service guy is barking orders as he hustles through some swinging doors, at the same time as a doctor bursts through the same doors hollering for a crash cart and ultrasound. The camera closes in tightly on the face of another Secret Service guy who announces, "Eagle is two minutes away."

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