West Wing
In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen, Part I

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In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen, Part I

Back at the White House, the news hasn't hit yet. Vice-President Hoynes is working a photo op and congratulating a women's basketball team and their coach on some great season or other (sorry, I just tune out the minute the talk turns to sports), and he's in the middle of a sentence when a door bursts open and several agents come straight for Hoynes, asking him to come with them. Hoynes looks completely stunned, as about six or seven guys hustle him out the door.

In the White House residence, Abby Bartlet, First Lady of the United States, is hurrying to a car. She looks scared but has her wits about her. She races down the hall, finding out from one of the agents that her husband is conscious, they're moving him to pre-op, and that he was hit in the side; the bullet exited the wound. As far as I know, that's generally good news. She asks about Zoey and is assured that she's okay, and on her way to G.W., which I take to be George Washington Hospital. The car squeals off.

Back at the hospital, the President's being brought in on a gurney. Nurses and doctors are all accompanying him as the gurney sails through the halls, calling out his vital signs. The trauma surgeon introduces himself to POTUS as Dr. Keller. I know I recognize the guy playing this doctor, and I could swear I've seen him on ER, but I can't place him. Anyway, Dr. Keller tries to say some reassuring things about Jed's condition, but Jed isn't interested. "Swear to God, if I don't speak to my daughter in the next five minutes, I'm going to attack something." Ron Butterfield, still holding his bloody hand, tells Jed that she's on her way. Jed tells the doctors about Ron, "This guy's got about seven broken bones in his hand, by the way, if somebody wants to give him an aspirin or something!" Even a bullet cannot quell Jed's sarcasm. Jed's in the pre-op room now and tells the staff that he wants them to wait as long as possible before anaesthetizing him, because he needs to speak to Leo McGarry before going under. Ron says that Leo's on his way. A nurse leans over and says quietly to Jed that she needs to ask him some questions, and inquires as to whether he has any medical conditions. Jed: "Well, I've been shot..."

Back at the White House, Mrs. Landingham and Margaret seem to be working late, and are quite unaware of the hubbub. They are bantering about how the President can never resist working a rope line, when Margaret notices that there's a special news report starting on the television. She turns up the sound and they watch in silent horror as the anchorman announces that multiple gun shots were fired at the President. Mrs. Landingham bolts out the door without a word.

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