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In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen, Part I

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In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen, Part I

Zoey's arrived at the hospital. She bursts through the doors of pre-op, where her father is already reassuring her practically before she's in the room. Zoey asks if he's in a lot of pain, which he says he's not. Zoey: "Are you lying?" Jed, drolly: "Yeah, 'cause I want these guys to tell reporters that I was brave and joking around." Zoey tells him, "You are brave. You were so good tonight, Dad." He says he's fine and that he's just happy to see her. Zoey tells him that Mom's on her way. "Mom's gonna be pretty pissed," Jed replies. Just then Leo arrives, looking white as a sheet. He asks Zoey how she is; she claims to be fine. POTUS pipes up, "She booted all over the back of her car. You know they're gonna bill me for that." Jed gets Zoey to leave; she says she'll wait for her mother. Jed calls out after her, "Tell her not to frighten the doctors!" Jed asks if anybody was killed. Leo tells him they got the two shooters through the window, but that there seem to have only been injuries in the crowd, and those people are coming in now. Jed asks about the staff, and Leo reports that C.J. hit her head on the ground. He believes that's all, since he left before Josh was found. Jed tells Leo to get the cabinet and the security council together, and to have trading on the stock market suspended. He asks Leo whether they know who the shooters were. Leo says no. Jed tells him he'll be under anaesthesia for a while, and asks if Leo knows what he means by mentioning that. Leo says that he'll talk to Abby. The doctor advises that it's time to operate. Jed gestures to Leo and says, "Hey...come here." He puts his hand on the back of Leo's neck gently, and pulls his head down as if he's going to whisper a state secret. Instead, he kisses Leo gently on the cheek. Leo looks surprised as Jed says, "It's okay." Leo says he'll see him in a few hours. Jed rests his head on his pillow and sighs.

Out in the hall, Abby arrives and rushes to hug Zoey as soon as she sees her. Zoey says, "Dad's making jokes." Abby asks, "Good ones?" Zoey: "No." Abby: "Okay." The surgeon comes up along with Leo. Abby asks what Jed's PO2 is, and whether they're going to do a laparoscopy. Dr. Keller says they will, in order to make sure the peritoneum is intact. She asks for the name of the anaesthesiologist. She goes off in search of Dr. Lee, finding him alone in a room. She says, "There are fourteen people in the world who know this, including the Vice-President, the Chief of Staff, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. You're going to be the fifteenth. Seven years ago, my husband was diagnosed with a relapsing/remitting course of MS. When all this is over, tell the press, don't tell the press...it's entirely up to you." Then she leaves. So, let's see: the fourteen must be: Jed, Abby, Zoey, their other two daughters, Leo, Hoynes, Fitz, probably an MS specialist, possibly a pharmacist...who else? Maybe their sons-in-law? Charlie probably knows, since he personally takes care of the President, probably has to remind him about medication or carry it around for him or something. Ron Butterfield probably knows. Who else? I wonder. Talk amongst yourselves.

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