West Wing
In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen, Part I

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In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen, Part I

Anyway, it's Josh that Leo wants to see. They go for a walk outside. Leo asks about Josh's father, who seems to be someone Leo knows, and who also seems to be battling cancer. Josh talks about how his father won't take it easy, insists on working long hours and spends his weekends cleaning gutters and yelling at squirrels. (Like father, like son: didn't Donna accuse Josh of yelling at her cats?) Anyway, to get on with the story, Leo wants Josh to come to Nashua, New Hampshire to hear Governor Jed Bartlet speak. Josh seems a little surprised and tells Leo that he works for Senator Hoynes. Leo does seem to be aware of that. He also tells Josh to stop calling him Mr. Secretary, since he's not in the Cabinet anymore, and asks to be called Leo. Josh claims that Hoynes has the nomination sewn up, and doesn't seem to understand why Leo wants him to do this. Leo repeats his request for Josh to come to Nashua. Josh asks why. "'Cause that's what sons do for old friends of their fathers. I'll see you then." As Leo confidently walks away, Josh says, "The Democrats aren't gonna nominate another liberal academic former governor from New England. I mean, we're dumb, but we're not that dumb." Leo pauses for a moment, and then says, "Nah. I think we're exactly that dumb." Leo leaves, and as Josh walks up the stairs, he pulls out his cell phone and asks someone named Janet to get him train tickets to Nashua.

After some commercials, we see a shot of some skyscrapers and then cut to a bunch of suits sitting around a conference table with their laptops. They're blathering about some million-dollar deal, and as they do so, the camera pans around to land on Sam, who's slightly distracted and seems to be doodling on his pad. When called upon, he explains that this deal, which is apparently to purchase some oil tankers, is a good deal because it's structured to limit their liability. A title informs us that this is Gage Whitney Page, Midtown Manhattan. One of the suits complains about Sam calling the oil tankers boats instead of ships. Sam says, "Mr. Cameron, you want me to buy the boats, you're not asking me to be the first mate, right?" Immediately I'm thinking how Rob Lowe's hair might be up for an Emmy™ next year, because simply by virtue of being about an inch longer than it was all last year, suddenly it's conveying the image of the wayward, arrogant, blow-dried preppy boy who was embarrassed by sleazy videos he made. Whereas last year, with his shorter, spiky little haircut and trendy glasses, he looked the very image of the earnest, caring, slightly geeky politico, bristling with good intentions. I hope he's planning to cut his hair after all this flashback filming is done, because for some reason, his hair at this length is like, hair at its smuggest. (It's a word. Don't make me come over there.) Anyway, Sam goes on explaining how the deal is structured to protect the corporation and make it judgment-proof. He excuses himself to go back to his office to get some papers. Someone in the hall tells him Josh Lyman is waiting for him in his office. Sam seems surprised and excited, and embraces Josh warmly. ["Very warmly. Okay, I saw chemistry there. I'm just saying." -- Wing Chun] Josh says, "You made partner?" Sam says, "Next month." Sam's hungry, and suggests they go get a hot dog. Josh points out that it's 9:30 in the morning. Sam thinks they'll be fresh. If you say so, Sam.

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