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In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen, Part II

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In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen, Part II

Previously on The West Wing: Two little neo-Nazi slimebuckets opened fire on President Bartlet and his staff as they left a town hall meeting in Rosslyn, Virginia; Bartlet was shot; Toby discovered Josh, who'd been shot and was critically injured; as Josh was about to undergo fourteen hours of surgery to save his life, we flashed back to Leo attempting to recruit Josh for Bartlet's campaign three years earlier; Josh tried to see whether Sam might be interested in working on John Hoynes's campaign; back at the crime scene, Gina couldn't remember very much about the signal man.

We see a little diner called the Dixie Pig. I wondered if this was supposed to be some sort of comment on neo-Nazi crackers from the southern U.S. Then someone mentioned in the forums that the Dixie Pig's an actual restaurant that her husband goes to, and I thought, that's a hell of a job the location scout is doing, to find a place with a name like that for this scene. Also, I bet the owners are pretty happy about the product placement. Anyway, the news coverage on the television in the diner is all about the shooting, of course, and mentions that Josh is undergoing surgery to repair his collapsed lung and to remove a bullet lodged in his thoracic region. The skinhead signal man is sitting at the counter, smoking. On his left hand there's a crude swastika tattoo which we see as he extinguishes his cigarette in his fried egg. Pardon me while I empty the contents of my stomach. He looks subtly pleased with himself, and none too concerned about his fallen accomplices, as he picks up his cap and leaves the restaurant. He's in the midst of lighting another cigarette when he's caught in a helicopter's searchlights, and suddenly several police cars squeal up out of nowhere and surround him. Cops with automatic rifles jump out of every door, screaming at him to "hold it right there!" and "get down!" They do not mean it in the James Brown sense, either. The cracker panics, trying to figure out which way to run or what to do, but he's got no way out. Finally he gets down on the ground and they cuff him. You're Ron Butterfield's bitch now. Roll the credits.

C.J. announces at a press briefing that a suspect has been taken into custody, and that they're not currently releasing any information whatsoever about the suspect. Immediately, one reporter asks whether she can provide the name, place of origin, ethnicity or suspected motive of the guy. C.J. replies, "Yes, Steve, I can tell you all those things, because when I said we weren't releasing any information whatsoever, I meant except his name, his address, his ethnicity, and what we think his motive was." She goes on to release the name of Stephanie Abbott, who sustained an injury to her left femur, and announces that Jed's in stable condition in the recovery room, and is expected to be discharged from the hospital on Wednesday. C.J. adds that Josh Lyman is in his sixth hour of surgery to repair a collapsed lung and a ruptured pulmonary artery.

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