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In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen, Part II

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In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen, Part II
Jed: Did he like that you were in politics?
Josh: I think he would have liked grandchildren more.
Jed [kindly]: He would've.
Josh: He liked that I was working for you. He liked that we were starting to do well. He would have liked tonight. At least his friends and neighbours will be spared all the...you know...
Jed: He'd have been doing some bragging right now?
Josh: Yeah, and your name wouldn't have come up, by the way. "My son won the Illinois primary tonight." A few more hours and he would've been able to say that. He'd have been proud.
Jed: He was already. Trust me, Josh, I'm a father. He was already.
Okay, I cried when I saw it and I've had to play it several times to recap it and I'm still teary. Josh tells Jed that he really appreciates what Jed's said and done, but reminds him that there's a ballroom full of people waiting for him to give an acceptance speech. Jed says they'll wait. Josh says that they will, but the people watching television won't. Jed says he's been a real jackass to Josh, and to everybody: Toby Ziegler, C.J. Cregg, Sam Seaborn: "Don't think I don't know what you gave up to work for this campaign and don't think I don't know your value. And I'll never make you think I don't again." Josh doesn't say anything but gives him kind of a half smile. Jed pauses and then says, "You gotta be a little impressed that I got those names right just now." Josh chuckles. His flight is being called. Jed offers to go with him. Josh seems amused by this. Josh reminds him again that he needs to go give his victory speech and then go to California. Jed guesses he's right. Josh jokes, "If you don't lose this election, it isn't going to be because you didn't try hard enough." He adds that it was nice of Jed to ask if he could come along, and he appreciates it. Josh goes to get his flight. As he disappears around a corner, Leo comes up behind Jed and asks, "Is he going to be all right?" Jed replies, "He's gonna be fine." Jed turns to Leo and gazes at him very evenly, and announces, "I'm ready." Leo smiles and they walk out together. We hear Jed's acceptance speech on the voice-over.

At the hospital, doctors are trying to wake Josh up. He slowly comes to, incredibly groggy. He's surrounded by Jed and Leo and some medical staff. His lips move but nothing audible comes out. Jed leans over him, saying, "I couldn't hear you, Josh." Josh whispers feebly to POTUS. Jed stands up again and Leo asks, "What'd he say?" Jed says, "He said, 'What's next?'" Sniff. How am I supposed to be snarky about this?

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