West Wing
In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen, Part II

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In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen, Part II

Back in Flashback Land, it's the night of the Illinois primary. The Bartlet campaign staff are busy in what looks like a hotel suite, doing all their various tasks. Josh is on the phone; Leo asks who he's talking to. Josh says he's talking to nobody, there's nobody home at his house. Leo asks what's up, and Josh said that his dad has his chemo treatment today and that the exit polls are going to cheer him up. Abby comes up and asks Leo if there's any food in the room that isn't fried. Leo: "Well if there is, let's get rid of it." Jed comes in loaded for bear; he's mad because his speech refers again to "my opponent" instead of using Hoynes's name: "Are we back to this crap again?" He wants to confer with Leo about it. As Leo follows him into another room, Jed carps, "It's the exact same crap all over again! It's amateur hour!" Josh walks up to Abby. She says, "You can say it, you know. It's not like I haven't heard it before." Josh says, "Your husband's a real son of a bitch, Mrs. Bartlet." She says that he doesn't like being handled. Josh argues that nobody's "handling" him. For some reason this really ticks her off and her expression changes. "He's not ready yet, Josh. He's terrified." Josh asks if he's going to be ready. Abby replies firmly, "You bet your ass he will." Then she adds sweetly, "In the meantime, you wanna kick something...kick me." Suddenly the news is turned up. The anchorman announces that they are ready to call the Illinois primary for Bartlet. Everyone cheers and claps and hugs each other. As the strains of "Celebration" start to play, Josh looks at Sam a few feet away and Sam mouths the words, "Thank you." Josh and Leo hug. Donna, looking extremely serious, comes up to Josh as he's gleefully yelling that they need to replace the music with some Doobie Brothers. Um, I'd say Kool and the Gang are the lesser of those two evils. Josh, seeing Donna's expression, tells her she's gotta get happy. She blurts out that his father died. (Hello? Did you ever hear of warning someone that you're going to give them really bad news?) Josh, of course, is shocked.

At the airport, the news coverage of the Illinois victory continues as Josh waits alone for his flight. Preceded by a couple of bodyguards, POTUS comes up behind Josh. He says, "Your father died, Josh. I can't believe that." Josh explains that he unexpectedly developed a pulmonary embolism (blood clot) during his chemotherapy and died. Josh tells Jed he really needs to be getting his plane to California. Jed asks if Josh's father was a lawyer. Josh says he was a litigator.

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