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In This White House

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In This White House

It's Saturday morning. The Prez is hanging out in Toby's office, wearing a Notre Dame sweatshirt. The Prez asks if Toby read Paul Erlich's The Population Bomb. The Prez says, "Erlich said it was a fantasy that India would ever feed itself. Then Norman Borlaug comes along." He tells Toby and Josh some more about the dwarf wheat. Charlie comes in and hands The Prez a note. "It happened?" Toby asks. The Prez says, "They executed him in the airport parking lot." Everyone, including me, pauses for a second to keep from sniffling. Then the Prez stands, says, "I'll see you Monday," and leaves. Fade out.

Next week, The West Wing engages in stunt casting when John Larroquette drops by to chew on the walls. Deborah, it's all yours. Good luck with Ainsley; I think you're gonna need it.

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