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Thanks to Iago and major props for janey for help with stuff I missed.

So, I was watching American Idol, which I didn't see one minute of last year, but inadvertently got addicted to this year. (And if you're not reading Shack's recaps...well, what's wrong with you?) Anyway, I'm watching this on CTV, a Canadian network, and it seems to me that the show is running a tad long. But I know that The West Wing is supposed to be coming on after this. I check the clock, it's 9:00 already, and I panic. I switch to NBC, where the show's already begun. I hit "record," but this is my long-winded way of telling you that I missed the first thirty seconds or so. Also, that CTV sucks. I heard from others in the forums that CTV "joined the program in progress." Yeah, thanks a pantload. Okay. Fortunately, a couple of readers helped me out with what I missed. You probably wouldn't even be able to tell if I hadn't told you all this.

Anyway. State Capitol. Sunday. Inauguration Day. C.J., Ed, Larry, and assorted suits are pedeconferencing with POTUS as they walk through the halls of the Capitol. They are apparently debating the order of the balls. C.J. explains that Political Affairs thinks it's important. Larry suggests the Plains states followed by the Rust Belt ball, and then the one of the Pacific Northwest. Ed says, "It shows you're the President of the whole country." C.J. replies, "Aren't we about to demonstrate that pretty clearly right now?" Ed: "He could start with the New Hampshire ball." Larry: "Makes it clear he knows where he came from." C.J. retorts, "The President has a driver's license." Larry wonders, "What if he starts in the states where jobs are in decline? Make it clear our message is the economy." Jed says, "Well, that's only gonna be clear if we also hand out decoder rings. Listen...it's an Inauguration Ball. Let's enjoy ourselves." Dismissed. Ed, Larry, and the suits take off. One of them throws in a completely unnecessary "Game on, sir." C.J. points out that there are actually eight Inauguration balls. The President asks if she read "it." C.J.: "Every draft all night long." He mentions that she hasn't weighed in. C.J. leans over and gives him a peck on the cheek, puts her hand on his shoulder, and softly says, "I just did." He says there's nothing else. C.J. walks off, urging Jed, "Eat 'em up, Chief." Jed thanks her.

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