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A Thoroughly Unimportant Country

POTUS is wandering through the bullpen when he notices Will working in his office and decides to drop in. He knocks. Will says, without looking up, "Keep your pants on, Toby, I'm almost there." See, your first mistake was thinking Toby would knock on your open door. Even if your door had been closed, I don't think Toby would knock. I think Toby sees everything and everyone in this area as an extension of his kingdom. Well, except for Ms. Snuffin. POTUS: "Toby been taking his pants off again?" Well, not that I've seen. More's the pity, probably. Jed tells Will that that's just something Toby does. Will stands up and greets POTUS. Jed asks him how it's going. Will lies and says, "Fine," but then admits that it's not. Jed seems to know: "What's hard is foreign policy's become a statement of what we won't do." Jed puts on his glasses and picks up the speech Will had been reading to Toby earlier. He calls it "pretty spicy stuff." Will says that Jed wrote it. Jed knows. He keeps looking at the speech as he muses, "Why is a Kundunese life worth less to me than an American life?" Will replies, "I don't know, sir, but it is." Dude. Way to speak truth to power. I like how Josh Malina delivered this line without flippancy. Jed glances at him and pauses before commenting, "That was ballsy." Man, this episode is just all about balls. Will: "I won't be working here long." Jed asks if he's Tom Bailey's son. Will cops to it. Jed: "Talk about the very model of a modern major general." Will: "Yes, sir."

C.J. runs into Danny in the hall and tells him she found his signal guy. Danny knows: "He took a job at an airport in the Cooperative Republic of Guyana. That's where you're sending people?" C.J.: "We don't send anyone anywhere who doesn't work for us, but I understand he's gotten a salary bump and he's co-captain of a local cricket team." Danny says he called him. First the guy doesn't remember him, then he does. Then he doesn't remember anything about an airstrip. Then he does, but he doesn't remember anything about not getting in. C.J. "Mystery solved." She pulls Danny into an empty room and closes the door. She says, "This is ridiculous. It's been ridiculous ever since you came back." Danny doesn't know what she's talking about. C.J. asks if he minds if she turns off the lights. Yes, God knows it's too bright on this show. She turns them off, claiming, "It's just easier this way." For whom? Con Edison? She walks over to Danny and says that for three years she's been thinking about what might have been if not for their conflict of interest: "And I'm almost over it. I mean, I'm right there, and you come back..." Danny snaps, "Hey, I would have been back a lot sooner, but it's easier to get out of the Bermuda Triangle than it is to get out of Mandyville. Do you have any idea how many writers I had to blow?" No, no. I might be making that up. She continues: "With your scruffy face and your jokes and your incredible talent and your way of getting at...getting at me. And I was thinking, if we could...?" Danny: "Be adult?" C.J. suddenly wafts her wrist in front of his face and asks if he likes her perfume. Danny, slightly baffled: "Yeah." C.J. fingers her shirt and asks: "Do you like this blouse?" Danny asks, "What's gotten into you?" Word. Danny looks at it a little too long and says, "Yeah." C.J. looks around, still touching her blouse with both hands, and says, "Come here." Danny smiles with a mixture of disbelief and delight and takes a step closer. She puts her hands on his chest, sliding them slowly up to the sides of his head, and says, "Remember when you asked me what exactly I'd do to have you?" Danny: "Yeah?" C.J. says, "I'd do that." She picks up her folder and walks out. Danny's all dumsquizzled. That was...weird. Also...Danny is so easy. He needs to get some game.

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