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A Thoroughly Unimportant Country

Out in the hall, someone brings C.J. a document, which she reads. She walks into the Briefing Room and announces that she has revised estimates for Kundu: 25,000 now. Everyone's calling out C.J.'s name at once.

Josh runs into Charlie at his desk. Charlie's looking at the seating plan for the Inauguration. Josh says he's sitting with them in the staff section. Charlie: "Yeah, I'm looking for someone else." Josh asks, "Would it be weird if I just walked around with a military dress sabre?" Charlie: "Mm-hm." Josh asks if POTUS is in a security briefing; Charlie says he'll let POTUS know he's here. Josh tells Charlie that the Navy dress uniform pants have thirteen buttons: "I mean, tradition's tradition, but I'd be concerned about the level of bladder discipline that requires, wouldn't you?" Charlie has no idea what Josh is on about. I'm not sure Josh knows, himself.

POTUS is in the Roosevelt Room with a bunch of people, some military. It seems like a Situation Room group, but I don't know why they're not in the Situation Room. I guess it's not secret enough for that. Either that, or Leo wrecked the table with the water he spilled and he's trying to keep everybody out of there until he hatches some scheme to fix it. Jed's informed that King Nawa of Bhutan died, and his successor is a thirteen-year-old boy named Yeshey Pradhan Nawa. Jed: "Well, if he's old enough to marry Jerry Lee Lewis, I guess he's old enough to be King of Bhutan." Heh. Next up: a detained ship off the Port of Miami with a Nigerian flag. Coast Guard's on it. Some joint training exercise for the Black and Caspian Seas has been cleared. Jed interrupts the guy telling him this to ask what's going on in Kundu. Apparently, the General Assembly's debating a proclamation. Charlie arrives at Jed's side as Jed remarks, "Well, a proclamation ought to do the trick. What's the CIA know that I should know?" Proclamation Guy replies, "Neighbours are...swapping family members." Jed receives this news with a solemn expression. He thanks everyone and breaks up the meeting.

Charlie follows POTUS out, telling him Josh is waiting for him. In the hall, Jed says he's changed his mind again: not the Washington Bible. He's going to use his father's Bible. Interesting choice, given his complex relationship with his father. Jed stops and knocks at Leo's door, asking if he talked to Hutchinson. Leo did. Jed asks Charlie to tell Josh he'll just be a minute, and goes into Leo's office, closing the door. He asks Leo, "Did he tell me to shut up and let him run the Pentagon?" Leo: "In so many words." Jed: "How many?" Leo: "Not that many, as a matter of fact. We didn't get that far. I got Jack Reese in some trouble." Jed realizes Hutchinson must know he's seen a force depletion report: "He should be pissed at me, not Jack Reese." Leo takes exception to the idea that the Secretary of Defense should be pissed at the President of the United States. Jed tells him not to sweat it. Leo pretends to accept this and Jed reiterates more firmly: "Don't. Worry about it." He adds, "Clark says neighbours are swapping family members in Kundu." Leo looks grave: "Really?" Jed tells him that Bhutan also has a new king: "He's been bar mitzvahed and everything." As he's leaving, he mentions in an offhand way that the guy Leo hired to help with the Inauguration gave him some back chat. He says that Will was using a floor speech he gave about El Salvador "ninety-eight years ago" to demonstrate that the U.S. should troops into Kundu: "Rhetorically, I said, 'Why is a Kundunese life worth less to me than an American life?' And he said, 'I don't know, sir, but it is.'" Leo replies, "I'll try to get some better information." Jed thanks him and goes into the Oval Office.

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