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Josh is waiting there for him. Jed says that there's intelligence that the Kundunese are swapping family members. Josh says he's sorry, but he doesn't understand. Jed: "For the night...they're swapping family members, you know, and...sleeping in each other's houses." Josh says, "Yes, sir," but I don't think he actually does get it. Jed asks what's going on. Josh says it's nothing he can't deal with himself. Jed orders him to stay. Josh says he just got off the phone with Jeffrey Tomlinson and Bob Bibbett, who are under the impression that the entire foreign policy section is being rewritten. Jed says it's not. Josh says he knows, but he was asked to emphasize that the current language has been vetted with the ranking members of House Armed Services. Jed says it's just being polished. Josh knows that too, but has been asked to remind him that the vetted version reflects existing treaties, some of which... Jed finishes the sentence: "Have my name on them. So tell Jeff Tomlinson and Bibby Bob to take a deep knee bend, would ya? I'm just as big a cotton candy ass as they are." Josh allows himself half a smirk. He turns to go, saying, "Yes, sir." Jed: "You just going to let that hang in the air?" Josh is on the ball: "Of course not, sir. You're a much bigger cotton candy ass than they are." Hee. Jed: "Damn right." Josh asks if there's anything else. POTUS says no.

Josh emerges from the Oval Office to find Donna waiting for him. He asks what's going on. As they walk, she tells him she doesn't know: "Jack's been reassigned." He's being sent to Aviano Air Force Base. Isn't he in the Navy? The hell? Actually, from the commercials at the end of the show, it looked to me like he got reassigned to Alias. He's gotten his orders already. Josh asks what happened. All she knows is that he did something he was asked to do, got a slap on the wrist, and won't tell her any more than that. Josh says that fast-track Navy guys are bound to bop around the globe a lot. Donna says that he was there less than three months, and he also said something happened. She's got kind of a desperate tone in her voice. Josh: "You can't begin to conceive of the internal politics of the Pentagon." Donna says that Jack works there, and that this has to do with the internal politics of the White House. Josh says that no one's told him anything about it, and that he's not going to ask. Donna says again that Jack was asked to do something for somebody: "It can only be Nancy, Leo, or the President." Josh, smirking slightly: "Three doors you definitely want to knock on to complain about your boyfriend being transferred to the Italian Alps." Donna: "Hey, I'm not Gidget, okay? Something..." Josh asks if Jack's complaining. Donna: "He doesn't complain." Josh: "I ask you that because sometimes people request transfers." Ah, good old Deputy Downer. I was wondering where he'd gotten to. Donna, after a pause in which she absorbs this blow: "Somebody asked him to do something and he did. I take him at his word, as should you. There'd be no reason not to." She shifts her body slightly so her posture's half defensive, half aggressive, and asks, "Is there anything you need?" He says no. She curtly says, "Thank you, sir." And hustles off. Gee, when I raised all that money to buy Donna her very own backbone, I had no idea she'd eventually ram it up Josh's ass.

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