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A Thoroughly Unimportant Country

Charlie comes along just to see Donna running off. He gives Josh a quizzical look. Josh says that Jack Reese got transferred. Charlie: "Well, I've got my own Beach Boys song going." Josh grins, saying, "If you tell me you've got a crush on Reese..." Oh, Josh. This is so sad. Stop projecting. You're the one who can't stop thinking about his sabre and his pants and those thirteen vexatious buttons. Everyone thinks your behaviour toward Donna is due to being put out because she's seeing Jack. It is, but it's not Jack you're envious of, it's Donna. Embrace the HoYay!, Josh. You missed your chance with Sam, and Jack's about to waltz out of your life, too. Who's left? Will you comfort Fitz in his lonely post-Leo rebound phase, as he cries his heart out thinking of Leo and Jordan together? Yeah, okay, the show. Charlie says that Jean-Pierre (Le Vicomte Eurotrash) is sitting next to Zoey in the friends and family section. Josh: "Zoey's lover?" He gives Charlie a silly grin. Whatever, dude. Hey...maybe Frenchie's your new object of fixation. Even the President thinks he's gorgeous. Charlie asks, "It's important that you call him that?" Josh: "Isn't his name 'Jean-Paul'?" Charlie: "Are we gonna be together on this?" Josh says yeah. Charlie says okay.

Josh and Charlie both happen to glance at the TV that's on Josh's table, where footage of the violence and unrest in Kundu is running. We see people marching, and a shot of tanks in the streets. Josh mentions that intel says neighbours in Kundu are sleeping at each other's houses. Charlie asks what that means. Josh: "It means that they're making people in the same house rape each other on the promise their lives will be spared." Apparently a lot of viewers still didn't quite understand this, so I'll spell it out here: people stay in each other's houses, pretending to be related, so they won't be forced to rape members of their immediate family when the attackers invade their homes and villages. It's an attempt to slightly diminish the horror and brutality being visited upon them. Charlie takes that in and after a moment, says, "Okay." Suddenly his little drama with Zoey and Frenchie has way more perspective than he wanted. Charlie asks if Josh needs anything. Josh doesn't. Charlie walks out as the camera drifts over to the TV, where there's footage of bodies lying all over the place in a sunny field. The news camera lingers on a small black body, the corpse of a child. Just as there's a shot of hundreds of victims of slaughter packed together like so much garbage, Josh reaches to snap the TV off. The final shot is Josh's pensive face.

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