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A Thoroughly Unimportant Country

Out in the hall, Leo tells POTUS that the Chief Justice is trying to get the court to adopt powdered wigs. I could probably think of a more ridiculous initiative if I tried, but I'm too tired right now. That's just goofy. Clearly, the Chief Justice is being established as a nut. Leo thinks there might be a problem. Jed wonders if Leo thinks the CJ (that's Chief Justice, not Claudia Jean) stayed too long at the fair. Leo: "He's not a young man." Jed: "Neither am I." Leo: "This is what I'm talking about." Jed complains about the foreign policy language. Leo says it will be fixed. Jed wants to know what's going on in Kundu. (You remember the made-up country of Kundu, from "And It's Surely To Their Credit," in which the Kundunese President Nimbala was visiting the United States to try to get money to help AIDS sufferers in his country when there was a coup there, and he was executed in the airport parking lot upon his return? Continuity, yay!) Jed says he got a security cable informing him of civil unrest in the Republic of Equatorial Kundu, and he had to reach for an atlas. Okay: continuity...not so much. Given that he met Nimbala and had some moving scenes with him, I can't believe Jed would not remember Kundu. But perhaps I should chalk it up to his MS symptoms. Leo says that Kundu is near the Ivory Coast, and explains that government forces run by Arkutu have apparently killed as many as 200 Induye on the streets of the capital, Bitanga. Basically, it's a horrible Rwanda-type situation. Jed asks if it's two warring tribes. Leo says it's one warring tribe: "The other one's getting killed." The really important point, however, is that there are 500 American missionaries in Kundu; they're being evacuated.

Charlie's arrived; Leo splits and Charlie follows Jed, telling him that if he wants to use the George Washington Bible, they need some time to get it there. Will is tagging along, too, and suddenly finds himself in the Oval Office. Some aide closes the door behind him, to his mild surprise. Charlie's explaining to Jed that the New York Freemasons have the Washington Bible , and they need several days' notice. Jed wants to know why; Charlie doesn't know. Jed says he's going to use the Bartlet Bible, which is at the New Hampshire Historical Society. Charlie leaves.

Jed looks up and notices Will standing at the back of the room. Will wants to clarify that Jed hopes there can be a broader definition of "vital interests." Jed: "Hoping beyond hope." Will thanks him and starts to leave, but then decides to make a little speech about how a person and his speechwriter develop a relationship over time. He babbles about punctuation and diction and jazz as Jed looks at him over the top of his glasses. Finally, Jed takes off his glasses and says, "I can't remember your name, but are you asking me out on a date?" Hee. Will: "No, sir. It happens over time." Jed says okay. Will leaves.

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