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Suddenly, something bangs against the window between Will's office and Toby's. Toby's hurling one of his balls against the window. Will comes into Toby's office, demanding to know what he's doing. Toby explains, "I throw a rubber ball against the window; that means you come to me. As my frustration level grows, so does the velocity of the ball against the window." Will says he just told Bryce Lilly what's what. Toby's happy to hear it. He gestures to a stack of file boxes in his office, asking if Will requested transcripts of public remarks from Manchester. Will did. Toby says that's what they are, along with the fourteen additional cartons outside his office. Toby says, "So we're dumping State's language. So we'll need some of our own." Will responds, but Toby clarifies that he's talking to himself so there's no need for Will to respond. Will wonders if there's a reason for him to be standing there. Toby says that there is not. He leaves. Toby makes a gesture like he's going to throw the ball right throw the window and clear into the Oval Office, but manages to restrain himself.

Charlie comes into the Oval Office to tell POTUS that Mr. Cravenly, the Director of Special Collections at the New Hampshire Historical Society, just phoned to say that POTUS can't use the Bartlet Bible because it needs to be in a climate-controlled vault or it warps. Bartlet: "Just as the Disciples intended." Charlie says that Mr. Cravenly suggested the Jefferson Bible. Jed wonders if that one doesn't warp. Charlie: "I think it does, and being from New Hampshire, he just doesn't care." Jed: "Probably. Speaking of New Hampshire, don't I own the Bartlet Bible?" Charlie says that it was sold at auction. Jed knows; he bought it. Charlie says he donated it to the New Hampshire Historical Society. Jed: "And they won't loan it back to me so I can be inaugurated?" Charlie says that Mr. Cravenly felt very bad about that. Jed wonders if Charlie's not making up Mr. Cravenly's name. Charlie's not making it up. Jed: "Would you tell him that I'd like very much to use my family's Bible, which my family has bought at least twice now?" Charlie will. Jed mentions that a couple hundred people got killed today in Kundu. Charlie knows. Jed starts to tell him about the Arkutu, but Charlie knows. He asks if the Americans got out; Jed says they did. As Charlie leaves, Jed asks him to get Bob Slattery to come to his office.

C.J.'s briefing the press, in minute and obvious detail, about the swearing-in of the President. The reporters are taking the piss out of her for it, too. Katie gets to be in on it. See, Katie could carry her own storyline. I just know it. You keep fighting there, Spunky Reporter Gal. Someday Aaron Sorkin will notice your cornfed good looks and your sunny disposition.

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