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Tuesday. Briefing Room. C.J.'s talking to the reporters about the situation in Kundu. One of them asks her about reports that the Arkutu government has issued identification tags indicating whether people are Arkutu or Induye. C.J. doesn't know. Danny asks about Archbishop Kintaka (that would be Zake), who says the government's using the radio to direct mobs. C.J. says the White House knows nothing about that. Danny continues, "Apparently, one of the bishops had provided refuge to about 800 Induye in his church. When the radio station in Bitanga heard about it, they directed a mob. They had machetes, they sent 'em to the church..." C.J.: "Did they...?" Danny: "They hacked up all 800." C.J. didn't know that. Danny: "Apparently, every broadcast ends with the word krawala." C.J.: "It means 'cleanse.'" Danny wants to know if the White House is sending in troops to knock this off. C.J. says that the White House is monitoring the situation very carefully. Danny: "I can tell." Burn! Also? Way to win her over, dude. C.J. calls on Katie, who says that the State Department yesterday estimated the number of dead to be between 3,000 and 7,000. She wonders if there are revised estimates. C.J. checks her notes and says that it's 15,000.

Donna -- who's wearing a baby pink sweater and grey skirt, and has her hair pinned up in a floppy ponytail -- knocks on Josh's door and asks him what's up. Josh is wondering whether the Nuclear Regulatory Commission really needs $100,000 for a "morale improvement" program: "That's gotta be a pretty critical lap-dance." Donna says she was in Jack's office last night, and he was using the NSC lock on the door, which he never has before. Apparently she knocked and he let her in. Josh: "That's a good story." She says she wanted to make plans for getting together at midnight -- you know, quitting time -- and he told her he couldn't, because it would be morning in a place where he needed to speak with some people: "What's halfway around the world?" Josh: "Most of the homes and offices of the people who live on this planet." Donna says Jack had a fax from the Commander of the Seventh Fleet about forward units in the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean." And he was showing this to her? Josh would like to know the same thing. Donna says he was showing off for her. Couldn't he just break another $400 ashtray instead of compromising military secrets? Or brandish his "sabre" or something? Seriously. Josh: "Fantastic." Donna says he wasn't showing her a classified signal intercept. Josh: "How do you know what he was showing you?" Donna says she doesn't, but he does. She asks, "Is a Joint Task Force being assembled..." Josh: "Are you serious with these questions?" Donna: "He's been sealed off for almost twenty-four hours and everything strikes me as strange." Josh: "Then let it strike you that way, and please find out what they mean by 'morale improvement program' so I can get back to, you know, actual people." Donna leaves with a slightly unhappy expression.

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