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C.J. + Danny = Luv

Ooh la la, C.J. is getting ready for work at Danny's apartment. She puts her toothbrush back into a little plastic travel holder, which causes Danny to point out that she's welcome to leave it at his place: "You know, on the off chance you're ever here again with bad breath." He's all cute talking about dinner plans, but she seems somewhat distracted and stressed. She gives him a kiss, but seems more concerned about the time than she is about the fact that she's in a nice apartment with a cute guy who is crazy about her and with whom she just spent the night. She shoots down the suggestion of dinner that night, and then every other night that week as well, with various meetings. Danny's still all casual with a mug of coffee while she flits about like an overcaffeinated bee. He finally jovially calls out, "Okay, I'm bailing on dinner!," which causes her to apologize. One of the invitations C.J. vetoed was meeting Danny's sister; she wistfully says that she'd like to meet her. Danny: "You would. She's like me but with bigger teeth. It's something." Sweet and self-mocking? C.J., don't mess this one up. He continues to convince her that saying no is okay, but she's only feeling bad. He inquires, "So I shouldn't ask? I should just sit by the fire and wait for my booty call?" Her knee-jerk reaction is "Of course not," but she seems surprised by the question, and he seems a bit tentative. While she claims not to make booty calls, he explains, "You don't make any calls; it's kind of how it works out. You're elusive. It's part of the draw." She's gone from surprise to irritation in a few seconds flat, and tells him that it's too early for "this." When he asks what "this" is, he then tells her that he is kidding, but she's not convinced. She apologizes (again), and then assures him, "This will all be easier in two weeks. It really will."

At the White House, C.J. is telling Margaret about typos in a document when Margaret breaks in to suggest that she might want to go for a walk. An understandably confused C.J. is unclear as to what they're doing now, if not walking. Well, you're pedeconferencing, C.J. It's a technical term. Margaret continues to try to sell C.J. on the idea of a nice scone for breakfast, and C.J. gets increasingly suspicious, asking, "I still have a schedule, right? We're not just pretending I have a job like Dad, who no longer runs the company, but still shows up at the office every day?" Margaret assures C.J. that she has a job, and goes so far as to suggest that C.J. should say hello to Will, causing C.J. to order her to step aside. Doing pretty much the opposite, Margaret throws her body against the door, citing some filing she and Charlie were doing. C.J. finally makes it in, and is the last person in the entire world to realize that what they were doing was not filing, but packing. Margaret is prattling on when Kate walks in and observes, "This looks grim." Eventually, Margaret changes subjects to tell C.J. that there's "another causal conversation about [C.J.'s] future" in ten minutes, and a very frustrated C.J. expresses that she wants this to be the last one. She's told it's some guy from Hollis -- and I'm going to save the figuring out for all of you, my lovelies, and say that it seems to be some big computer-ish corporation, based on what transpires later. Kate asks C.J. about her job interviews, and C.J. brushes her off: "Headhunters waving stock options and jets and all I need to do is show up at the occasional board meeting. Why should I find that appealing?" Kate: "They don't know you're a masochist?" C.J. is not having any of it, and gripes, "I like to work for a living. Is that odd?" No, C.J., but your totally being grouchy to everyone in your orbit is a little bit odd. And off-putting. They talk offers, and Kate also mentions needing her on a call with a Chinese bigwig later. On her way out, C.J. asks about Kate's transition memo and is told she'll have it later. Do you smell a boring story thread? Yes, you do.

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