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There's a knock on a door, and a Secret Service agent wishes Toby a good evening and asks to look around. When he walks in, Toby is staring at C.J., who stares at her shoes a moment before looking up at him, causing him to stare at the wall until they get the all-clear. She enters and hands him a gift bag with wine -- which she explains is not a gift: "I need a drink." I stand corrected -- it's just a bag of wine. She won't sit down, and he asks, "Should I be feeding you, or just the booze?" Just the booze; she declines the chicken he made as well. As he opens the wine, they talk, clearly out of practice at how to converse with one another. He's going to jail on the 26th, and he's reading and cooking chicken with his free time. He has also found a typo in the Constitution. C.J. gives her hunger away (after all, she never really ate lunch that we know of) by picking at the pan of chicken as Toby explains that he thinks the typo is in the original. "Sounds unlikely," C.J. notes, but he insists, "I read two versions, because I have time, and there's an inconsistent comma...so I looked at every English-language publication that exists -- half of them have the comma, half of them don't." He goes on to explain his further research, and also that this mystery comma changes the meaning of the "takings clause," as confirmed by a friend. When C.J. asks if they should do something, Toby assures her, "I'm going to write it up. I have a...window in the calendar." This brings the topic back to The Unpleasantness, but Toby's going to low-security prison, "which certainly outshines the alternatives." After some unfunny jokes sink in the water, C.J. mentions Andi's visit earlier that day. Unsurprisingly, Toby's response: "She and I apparently need to have a conversation about who talks to whom concerning my future." C.J. tells him that Andi was just thinking about the twins, but that turns out to be the wrong response for a less-but-still-volatile Toby. He begins to yell: "For a moment, I actually thought you came here 'cause you gave a crap and wanted to see how I was doing." C.J. gives as good as she gets and yells back, "I gave a crap enough to inquire if you wanted a pardon despite the fact that you walked out on me and walked out on the President while we still had a job to do. You don't need a pardon -- you need a frying pan to the side of your head." It's like therapy, with all of the tension and anger that comes pouring out of the both of them. Toby insists that he doesn't want a pardon, and when C.J. brings up Molly and Huck, he assures her that he's thought of them. He sits down, the angry words blowing out the window.

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