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There's another knock on another door, and this time it's Danny who greets the agent. C.J. has her shoulders hunched and head cocked like an insecure schoolgirl, and Danny looks directly into her face with a scotch in one hand while the agents inspect his apartment. She drops her gaze, but when she looks back, he's still staring, eventually giving her a sweet inquisitive eyebrow raise as the agent finishes up. The door closes, and, once they're alone, C.J. sighs, "I missed the window how to figure out how to do this." Danny's confused, and C.J. continues: "Share my life with another person. And how to be a partner or whatever condescending way you put it this afternoon." When he breaks in to assure her that he wasn't condescending, she jumps back in, saying everything in a rush: "I don't know how to do it. Maybe at one point I did, maybe I never did, but it's over now, it's too late. This, and skiing, it's too late. It's not going to happen." Again, C.J. thwarts Danny's attempt at speech and finishes, both pleading and defensive, "You said yourself, it's not an accident that this hasn't come together. This is who I am. I'm good at my job, Danny. I'm good at working. I'm not good at this." Much to C.J.'s surprise, he agrees. But then he also continues: "You're right -- you suck at it. You're going to need a tremendous amount of training." She cries and laughs, a sign that she just might turn the corner. She cannot believe it, but he insists that he'll train her. He quickly clarifies, "Well, we'll call it something else; that sounds bad. But we'll deal with it." They bicker -- she's still not sure about the training, but he insists that they'll make it work: "You're gonna get good at it. We're gonna get good at new things." See, C.J., you've just learned it, not missed it -- NO ONE knows what they're doing when it comes to relationships. You just try it out until it works. Or so I've heard. Danny insists over C.J.'s protests that she hasn't missed it, and that they can figure it out, until she sighs and shakes her head, defeated. The really good kind of defeated. The in love kind of defeated. Danny assures her, "You can be scared. That's okay! But you're not gonna walk away from me because you're scared. I'm not that scary."

C.J. takes a moment, and Danny looks at her, still a bit nervous but not that scary. She shrugs, and...asks him pathetically which job he wants her to take. "Where the hell did that come from?" he cries. She insists that she's trying, and he finally goes back to the real basics, telling her that he only wants her to do what she wants to do: "I want us to talk like we're gonna figure it out together. I want us to talk, because I like the sound of your voice. I just want to talk." And with that, C.J. finally sees him: "Franklin Hollis wants me to take ten billion dollars and go and fix the world." Danny gently says, "That sounds like fun. Does it sound like fun to you?" She nods. "Do you want to work at the White House?" he asks. After a moment, she slowly shakes her head. He smiles, and she finally smiles back. After a moment, she tells him that there's a typo in the Constitution. Danny: "Well, someone should look into that." She assures him, "Toby's gonna deal with it." Danny answers, "Okay. What else?" She just stares at him. I allow myself a brief moment in C.J.'s fictitious shoes as the recipient of the most heartfelt and sweetest conversation I could imagine.

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