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Two meek guys -- Ned and...Ned 2, let's just call him -- come into C.J.'s office to answer her questions about the budget draft, and where budget reduction is, if not up front. Even worse than being buried, they finally admit that it's just not there: "We thought it was along the lines of 'I'd like a pony.' Nobody actually expects to get the pony." C.J. insists, "I want the pony!" The pony in this case is a 50% deficit reduction, and she orders them to do it with no questions. Following the letter of the law, they phrase their point in a statement: that this will be tons of work for a document that's basically a formality before they all leave. Ned 2 adds that they wouldn't even know where to conjure up $150 million, but C.J. is completely exasperated, since she already told them where to find the money. She totally did, but is it really that easy? If so, I'd just like, say, six figures; if $150 mil is that easy, then my request is mere pocket change. Their problem, however, is that C.J.'s solution involves what they deem a massive tax increase. The deficit reduction was Bartlet's idea, but the tax increase was C.J.'s, so she's uncomfortable with their continued use of the word "massive." They try to fight her, arguing that they actually want to be able to find jobs after this administration, but she snaps, yells, and dismisses them to make the changes and distribute it for approval. They file out past Will, and I suspect that part of why she won that argument is that she's nearly as tall as both of them put together and could squash them like bugs. She greets Will with an ever-cheery "What!?" He's just there for the yelling, and then cops to a healthy case of senioritis. C.J. asks about his own transition memo, it's not done, she's pissed off, lather, rinse, repeat. Everyone deals with endings in his or her own way, but frankly, I'm much more of a Will wander-the-halls-aimlessly type than a C.J. freak-out-and- try-to-stay- relevant-and- avoiding-real-life type. To be fair, I think both are actually ways of avoiding making a decision about what to do next, but C.J.'s is much more aggressive.

Margaret comes in to order C.J. gently into the Roosevelt Room for her meeting, but C.J. goes on about the memos and tells her to call everyone to get them turned in today. There's some sort-of product placement as she tells Margaret that the waiting headhunter can relax with a Coke until C.J. is ready. This Coke will have to wait, though, since it turns out that it's actually Franklin Hollis himself. Will's impressed, but C.J. is dismissive, since she's sure Margaret is mistaken, which is getting a little old already this hour and we're only nine minutes into the episode. Once Will peeks and confirms that it's Hollis, as Kate walks in to talk about a guy in the other room who looks remarkably like Hollis. Margaret reports, "He just bought an island. And Montana." C.J. is frantically combing her hair as she argues, "He didn't buy Montana. He bought...most of Montana. Will and Kate both want to meet him, but Will points out, "We shouldn't go in together. It would look...not...cool." Never any fear of that, Will. Your coolness is definitely not why I love you. C.J. does a tooth check with Kate -- as all girls will do for one another, no matter what -- and Will is completely disgusted. Fine, Will. That broccoli is staying in your teeth next time we're out.

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