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Hollis is in the room talking with...his staff? I don't even know who these others are, but they look like they're having a business meeting until he tells them that they'll meet up in the lobby. C.J. shakes hands with Frank "Pseudo Bill Gates" Hollis.

Kate and Will wander off. He mentions that he's heading over to meet with the "D-triple-C." She seems surprised that he's getting an offer, but tries out, "Will Bailey, Executive Director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee." She likes the sound of the title, and he likes the idea of being involved with a number of different campaigns. He also admits he likes staying in D.C., which clearly pleases Kate. He admits hat the'd like to see what happened between the two of them, and they both look really sweetly pleased.

Back in the Roosevelt Room of angsty Chiefs of Staff and pleasant billionaire entrepreneurs, Hollis begins to speak, and C.J. sighs and drops her shoulders. Her plastic smile remains in place, but he asks sincerely if he's boring her. She still manages to be nice, but is really abrupt in cutting him off: "I'm just...familiar...with the package these days." He asks what that is, and she recites something about a huge salary and an hour a week advising him about the FCC or some such, continuing on about corporate jets, board meetings, etc. Fortunately, Hollis is not Tom Cruise and is therefore not turned off by glibness, and tells her that sounds boring and like it would not be a good use of her talents. He explains, "I'm starting a foundation. Because if I hold on to all of this money, I start to look impolite." He wants to find a single problem to try to solve -- one that would actually make a difference. He throws out all sorts of ideas, but thinks she'd be the right person to know of a single big problem and how to tackle it. "Highways," she tells him, "is what you're looking for. It's not sexy; no one will ever raise money for it." She goes on to explain their importance in solving bigger problems -- like actually getting medicine to AIDS patients in Africa: "Blanket the continent in highways, then maybe start on plumbing..." "Also not sexy," quips Hollis. "Makes for a lousy telethon," C.J. agrees. Even so, that's what he was looking for: "Well, if you think that's what needs fixing, I'll give you ten billion dollars to fix it." C.J. raises her eyebrows and does a polite double take. I'd say that's extremely polite of him.

Will greets some guy, and they make small talk about Inauguration tickets and possible vacation plans for Will. Once they sit down, Nameless tells Will that would be fine with the DCCC schedule, and that, after March, they'd love to have Will come in and help them plan their strategy for various elections. Will sounds interested and asks about specific races, and Nameless lists a few, including the "Oregon 4th." ["The Fightin' 4th!" -- Wing Chun] Will grabs at this and asks if someone named Heffinger is stepping down. He's not, but although the DCCC would love to unseat him, they consider it a long shot. Will's run a campaign against him before, and seems to think the right candidate could do it, but Nameless seems certain they won't find anyone. The refreshing part of this whole conversation is that Nameless encourages Will to try if he thinks he can do it, rather than shooting him down outright. If only I knew this person's name to more easily recap his conversation.

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