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Completely dazed, C.J. walks back into her office. Margaret immediately begins reassuring C.J. that she should consider the job even though Hollis probably has no people skills, and then it dawns on Margaret that C.J. is thinking about it. C.J. tries to downplay it, but will admit that it was "interesting," and then is saved by Andi's coming in to say hello. And though I don't know why she'd show up, I was first convinced that she was Julianne Moore in some new role. When Andi asks if she has some time, C.J. replies that she doesn't, but Margaret corrects her, which seems to genuinely please C.J. as she ushers Andi into her office. They talk about the twins, and C.J. looks at some pictures as Andi mentions, "They get to spend more time with their dad these days now that Toby's...not working." Glorious euphemism. "That must be...nice," C.J. says. Searching for the silver linings all around. But Andi's not there just to talk about her cute, cute babies: "So, presidential pardons. Tis the season, right?" C.J. says that it is, and Andi asks if Toby's name is on any list. C.J. tells her that the lists are being reviewed and have not gone to the President yet, so Andi asks if C.J.'s going to bring it to Bartlet. In a single breath, she then launches into what has clearly been weighing on her, and in one sentence says she knows Toby's ticked people off, including C.J. herself, but that he was just trying to save the astronauts. She lists the groups that want to laud him for his actions. C.J. gently tries to interrupt, and Andi asks about a New York Times petition, of which C.J. is aware. Andi gets a bit heated about the number of people united against Bartlet's nuclear/space plans, and C.J. is quiet as Andi concludes that she knows Bartlet is understandably angry and that she understands, but that the consequence for Toby will be prison. Andi finally asks C.J. to talk to Bartlet about it, and C.J. is only able to tell her that she'll see what she can do. Andi reaches into her arsenal and sternly says, "He was your friend for a long time." C.J. repeats, "I'll see what I can do." After Andi leaves, she leans back into her chair with a grimace.

Margaret comes in to interrupt the brewing migraine and tell C.J. it's time to go. (Go where?) She relays that the budget was sent out to the department heads for approval, and C.J. realizes that this was so that she wouldn't see the changes first. As she's getting ready to go, Charlie comes in with a list of pardons; after scanning it, C.J. asks if Toby's name is on the list. It turns out he didn't apply, and when Charlie asks if she's going to ask Bartlet about commuting his sentence, she replies that she doesn't know. C.J. tells Margaret that she's off to a quick meeting with Santos; she is surprised to learn that they asked for her résumé, but brushes it off as a mere formality.

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